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What jeans are trending?

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A pair of good jeans is like the go-to outfit that one carries in their wardrobes that can be paired with any other garment with much ease and compatibility. This garment is so comfortable and predominantly used amongst the people that one can easily say that it is one of the most sold garments in the history of clothing and continues to be so. Denim is popular not only amongst the youngsters but also among those who are elderly but find this garment so stylish and comfortable that they end up having a collection of these. So, this particular garment and various styles related to it are timeless. 


With so many years after Independence in India, many new forms of dresses have come up or been acquired by the Western World. There has been a tremendous change in the way people dress up. The innovation has reached a level, where every single day, we get to see or read about a new fashion trend. Following this route, jogger jeans for men is a garment that gives many looks to a person. It serves as both – jeans and a pair of joggers. With so many new diversifications, denim, time and again prove to be one of the most sought-after garments that one may have. 


A Brief History of Denim


A lot of people must be unaware of the fact that denim cloth is also known as dungaree cloth. Remember the times, when dungarees used to be the favourite part of your closet? For some people out there it still must be the same. This cloth or fabric is not something to go out of style that easily. That is the reason why people are hugely inclined towards wearing a pair of jeans, anytime they are going for casual events or outings. Jeans for men, therefore, as a garment have gained massive importance amongst people through many years. 


The denim color is a mixture of two types of cotton threads – White and Indigo Blue. By mixing these two colours, a pair of jeans was made and it is a long extended process. The durability and long-lasting features are the reason why people love denim for every occasion. The Victorian era followed by the Post-Colonial era is a big reason that gave rise to the fact that people started knowing more about denim. 


As the development in technology took place, people now prefer using methods to create this garment that is environment-friendly. It is because of the high sale of this particular garment. The fabrics that are used are naturally extracted which is a very good thing for the customers. The infamous blue texture of this garment is the colour Indigo that is loved by many people. 


Latest Jeans Types that are Trending


Let’s look at some of the types of denim jeans types that are trending this season and you should surely have one of yourself from this list which is given below: 


  1. High-Waist Jeans
  2. Midrise Jeans
  3. Skinny Jeans 
  4. Narrow Fit Jeans 
  5. Slim-Fit Jeans 
  6. Regular Jeans 
  7. Tapered Jeans
  8. Wide Fit Jeans 
  9. Low-Rise Jeans
  10. Jogger Pants Jeans 


The above-mentioned list will give a fair idea of Jeans Types that are Trending in the fashion space in today’s time. All of them are available in various colours, types, designs, and fitting. 


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