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What materials to choose for outdoor table cover?

by M Sakhawat
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Most people would think that outdoor table coverings are limited to just plastic or vinyl. But the truth is there are many other materials available for outdoor use, and it’s all about finding which one will best serve your needs. Most people would think that plastic or vinyl should protect an outdoor table from wear and tear during its lifetime. These materials are resistant to daily exposure to sun damage, rain damage, wind damage, etc.

Consider the colour

It’s also important to consider the colour of the material you choose—you wouldn’t want a dark green cloth on your patio table to reflect heat away from yourself while you’re sitting out during the summer months! You could opt for wood if you plan on placing this table in an area where it won’t be exposed to much wear and tear. Wood is also resistant to unattractive weather conditions outside. Still, you’ll need to make sure that the finish is water-resistant or at least water-repellant, so it doesn’t warp or suffer any damage from exposure to rain, for example.

There are many materials available for using for outdoor table cover. Choose one that will serve your needs best!

Specific tips include

Choose a material that can stand up against daily sun exposure, rain, etc. Consider the colour of the material you choose because different colours reflect heat away or attract heat more readily. Opt for wood if placing your table in an area that won’t get too much wear and tear. Make sure it’s finished with a water-resistant or at least water-repellant finish to prevent warping or other damage from exposure to rain.

The need to protect your table surfaces at large outdoor gatherings is obvious, but finding the right product can be a challenge. If you are having an outdoor event with 100 guests or more, there are some key points that you may want to consider before purchasing an outdoor table cover. You will also want to consider whether or not your tables have rounded corners.

Table Cover Product Considerations for Large Outdoor Events

Size/shape of tables

Many event planners purchase solid-colour round tablecloths in bulk sets of 10”, 12” and 14” sizes for events of up to 500 guests. For larger parties over 1,000 people, it is important when choosing any style of plastic banquet covers (solid colours or printed) that the size fits the size of your tables.  The table cover should also be measured to its very bottom edge (not including any additional flaps or gathers). If there is more than a 1/2” difference between your tabletop’s size and the tablecloth’s diameter, you may not get full coverage on windy days. Extra material at the edges can cause a safety hazard for guests by obstructing their view while seated.


For solid-colour round tablecloths, you must look for clips along the hemline around all four sides, which help secure them to your tables without any hassle. Paper tablecloths are relatively inexpensive but may require tape or weights in addition to paper clips. While many do not consider this an issue, be sure to ask about clips before purchasing if you would like to avoid them.


The most popular fabrics for tablecloths are polyester and vinyl. Vinyl tends to wrinkle less than polyester, but it can get very hot in sunny weather (which some people prefer). Polyester has the advantage of being cooler but wrinkles more easily under extreme heat or direct sunlight exposure.


If you are looking for solid-colour round tablecloths, there are dozens of fashion colours to choose from. When printing with dye-sublimation, these fabric options become practically endless (maximum 5 colours including the base colour). This printing technique also prevents textiles from becoming shiny

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