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WhatsApp marketing: 8 Advantages of WhatsApp marketing

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WhatsApp marketing strategies

Have you heard of WhatsApp marketing? Well, that everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays a lot of people know, right? In a friendly chat, sharing files, or simply sending that good morning message to the family group.

What not everyone knows is that WhatsApp marketing software is also an excellent tool for facilitating business relationships and doing business.

Why is WhatsApp marketing booming?

Since September 2018, WhatsApp has surpassed the Facebook brand and led the ranking of the most used applications in the world, on mobile phones with Android and IOS operating systems.

According to the global report of the market analysis company App Annie, the application has about 200 million active users per month.

And as with all mass channels, they soon begin to be used for marketing. This is the case with WhatsApp that how would you use WhatsApp as a marketing tool! More and more companies are betting on the tool to communicate with their customers and sell more!

If you want to know how to use the infamous “Zap Zap” as a tool for dissemination, support, and service, read on! In this article, you will discover all the advantages that the app can bring to a company! Let’s go?

1. Expansion of the contact network

Okay, we know that the network focused on commercial searches is LinkedIn. Despite this, few applications fit as well in the corporate environment as WhatsApp.

The great advantage of the platform is that you can send a message and the person responds when it is convenient. Thus, discomforts are avoided.

Have you ever imagined calling a customer right in the middle of a meeting or outside work hours? It doesn’t work, right? One of the biggest advantages is being able to send and receive messages without having to schedule meetings or wait for the most propitious moment.

As the app is already in the user’s favor, you can expand your network of contacts and share ideas throughout the day. This includes customers, employees, partners, suppliers, sponsors, and any other stakeholder.

2. Market research

Following the same line of reasoning, WhatsApp presents itself as a great resource for collecting feedback. If you want to use a commercial term: market share of WhatsApp.

The tool is considered a platform for micro-moments. In other words, the person uses it at intervals, as in the bank line, at snack time, or in the 5 minutes of rest of the Pomodoro technique.

In that case, sending questions related to what your company sells can be a great idea. The chances of a response are greater than with a form, as they have a more personal tone.

3. Social SAC

The great golden nugget of WhatsApp marketing strategy is  SAC Social. As you know, on the web, people want everything immediately.

So they don’t want to wait a few minutes on the phone or go to a website to talk to the company. This can really irritate them.

The web consumer wants answers at their fingertips, that is, on their smartphones. To make it even easier, in applications already installed.

In case you didn’t notice, we just described WhatsApp. There are a lot of social media marketing WhatsApp groups. The app is a powerful weapon for support and service, as it is practical and is just a touch away.

4. Sales

There are many companies that already use WhatsApp integration with salesforce marketing cloud. There are even applications that connect the chat site directly with the application in its web version, which is great.

Believe me: many people prefer this “uncompromised” communication format, without a time and hour to speak. This new scenario appears as part of consumer behavior.

Since a call can interrupt some of your activities. An unauthorized email can be considered invasive. And we don’t even need to say that the door to door is not as efficient as it used to be, is it?

Now, if you provide your WhatsApp number on the website or even WhatsApp groups for marketing to request quotes, for example, the prospective customer negotiates at their own pace be.  

Many entrepreneurs are used to using Inbound Marketing and providing Whatsapp marketing services. A blog attracts a visitor, who becomes a lead when they sign up for a newsletter. You probably know the journey.

5. Lead nutrition

But the truth is that e-mail is just one of the communication channels that can be used to connect with people who request more information.

In that sense, WhatsApp also works very well. Through the broadcast lists, you can send useful articles, reference links, launch announcements, and much more.

In other words, the app is a channel to generate authority and nurture relationships with consumers. Just like email.

So, don’t stick to the methods cited as more traditional. Innovate and provide your audience with unique experiences.

6. Interaction tool

Remember that WhatsApp is a “social media marketing tool”. Focus on the second word of the term, “social” which means that the application is focused on interactions.

One of the main objectives when entering the wonderful world of social networks is precisely to get closer to users. So, why not use the most used app in Brazil for that?

In this sense, a good idea is to create digital marketing WhatsApp group. Select the most influential people in your community or the brand’s lawyers and treat them with special attention.

Bring exclusive information and news to them. But remember: they also want to be heard!

Interact, collect feedbacks, show that they are important and are part of building your business, and tell them that how to use WhatsApp for business marketing. This is certainly a strategy that will increase the love for your brand.

7. Disclosure

Last but not least, You cannot count on the benefits of WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp can also be used as a tool to promote products, services, events, and anything else.

Here is a special tip: try not to invade consumer privacy. Only do so at the request of the user.

Many nightclubs and restaurants have already adopted this action in their strategies. Regular customers have the option to subscribe to broadcast lists, a channel through which they receive news, schedules, and even exclusive promotions.

8. Integration with tools

To further facilitate the work of those who use WhatsApp as a marketing resource, there are some tools that help in the execution of tasks.

You can manage private messages from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in one place. This means, in practice, that it is possible to reply to all WhatsApp messages through the platform and still use advanced social SAC features such as:[su_list icon=”icon: long-arrow-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • Save ready-made answers to avoid typing;
  • Tag conversations;
  • Assign conversations from one attendant to another;
  • Communicate with other attendants without the user at the other end seeing, among others.

[/su_list]As you saw, WhatsApp is an extremely dynamic application. And there are some good tool options that can help you use it in marketing! 

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