When Should You Go For a Psychologist? 6 Alarming Signs

In the 21st century, in the world of innovations, we still look down upon a struggler of mental health. Claiming that I need therapy is considered as a dramatic act of attention-grabbing. It has become a social stigma now. People freak out listening to other people’s issues. This is why they need therapy, this behavior leads them to the therapist.

A therapist tells them that they can deal with every problem life throws at them. They get their problem solved through kindness instead of taunts, this is why they go to a therapist. I am well aware of the consequences these taunts and bashing brings, that comes straight the patient’s way. My mother got depression during her pregnancy and she went for a psychologist in Lahore. She followed the pattern of treatment told by the psychologist and got relief. Many people remain confused on whether they should go to a psychologist or not.

Here is the outright list of conditions in which you have to see a psychologist asap. They can vary from person to person according to their own personal issues. Some have their relationship problems, on the other side some have issues with their studies and work.

1)   Anything Causing Stress:

Stress can be triggered by various causes. Students are stressed due to the burden of their exams and syllabus. Some people are worried about not getting a job. A few ones are into relationship troubles. Some are facing problems with their parents, siblings or friends. Anything that’s causing you anxiety, head straight towards the therapists. You don’t need to worry about the people and the society.

2)   Sleepless Nights:

You can neglect your one or two sleepless nights but you can’t ignore a chain of sleepless nights. It’s insomnia. You can tackle it on your own by understanding your self worth. But, if you can’t, you can feel free to go to a therapist for coping with insomnia. If it remains untreated, it can have some very harmful effects on your health.

3)   Facing Grievance:

Grievance can be due to various causes. The most common cause is when you lose a loved one. Though, everyone believes in death. We are immortal so we all have to die one day or another. Death has always been an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Still, there is no point of letting these thoughts overtake your mind. We have to learn to handle such a situation efficiently. If you aren’t able to handle it, there’s nothing to panic about. Relax! And go to a therapist! He’ll teach you how to handle such awkward times in life and how to deal with losing someone.

4)   Dealing with Bad Habits:

We are surrounded by numerous health stigmas. Addiction to nicotine, cigarettes and other tobacco products are harmful for your health. You have to cut them out completely. Besides it, the consumption of alcohol needs to be prohibited. Sleep on time, do exercise regularly and set a proper routine. Keep moving. Have a walk of about half an hour daily. Hire a physical therapist if you run away from exercise.

5)    Anxiety of Fears:

Everyone has some fears. Some people are afraid of heights, some of fire, darkness and spiders. Many people have strange fears and they get into depression due to these fears. Girls get into fear of eating, they don’t eat due to the fear of getting obese. There are many cases like these in Hijaz hospital, Lahore. Find an experienced psychologist that can help you to overcome your fears. Facing your fears in the best way to cope with them. If you are fearful of heights; go to the tall buildings to enjoy your tea. It is going to work like a boom.

6)   Your Graph of Performance:

Some of people have anxiety due to their performance. They always want to work perfectly. They achieve their goals by first visualizing them and then working on them. When people make mistakes, they get into fear of failure. You should hire a psychologist if you feel like this. Your psychologist can help you in facing the challenges of life.

Know Your Self-worth!

It all wrapped up in knowing your self-worth. If you take care of yourself and make your mental health a priority, you are going to stay healthier. Know your issue and head towards a psychologist if you aren’t able to deal with these issues.

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