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Which is the best manufacturer of floating PV system?

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Which is the best manufacturer of floating PV system

The market for solar energy products and related energy solutions has grown rapidly in the recent years. One of the reasons behind this growth is the increased demand for clean and renewable energy. The solar energy provides efficient and cost effective alternative solutions to the daily power and functional requirements of the customers. There are different types of solar power installations that are available in the industry. One of the effective types of solar installation is the floating solar system.

The floating system is the installation of solar power generation on a structure which floats on the water body. The technical potential of the energy capacity that can be achieved and the technology generation is dependent on various factors like topographic limitations, system performance plus land and environmental usage limitations.

There are numerous manufacturers of solar energy systems and solar equipments in the industry. Before you proceed and purchase one of the solar systems for your requirements it makes sense to look at the products from different companies such as https://www.mbt-energy.com/ and compare them. This will help you in making an informed choice based on the list of features, specs incorporated in these products.

Why should you purchase solar system products from Mibet energy

The Mibet energy has gained tremendous prominence in the industry with its pioneering solar power products and related equipments. The company has some of the most reliable products that provide the best performance and have a long lifespan thus providing the customers with ultimate value on their investment.

The different types of solar systems that are provided by the company includes roof solar PV system, ground solar PV system, floating solar PV system, and other types of solar energy systems. Each of these products have their own unique characteristics and they differ based on the features as well as specs that are integrated in their production.

Two of the primary floating solar system products that are manufactured and sold by Mibet energy are MRac floating PV system G4N and MRac solar floating system G4S. The G4N product has application in the solar PV whereas the G4S adopts the new module available in the market.

If you want to fix these products for your application you will need the anchoring system. The anchor point is chosen under water but it can also be selected on water front. The process of anchoring system installation is designed in accordance with water area condition. When the variation of water level is lesser than 1 meter you must adopt the sunken anchor for fixing it. When the variation is less than 3 meters the sunken anchor is adopted or a stone with rope is used and then you add the elastic spring for fixing it. When the variation is more than 3 meters, you either adopt the sunken anchor or use stone with the capstan rope for fixing it.


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