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Why community EV Charging stations have become a must in Residential Complexes?

by John Milton
EV Charging stations

The government of India has buckled up to the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan to boost the use of electric vehicles across the country. Each state in India has its Electric Mobility Policy to encourage the citizen to shift toward electric mobility as a future. “According to Chaitanya Kanuri, Senior Manager with the Sustainable Cities and Transport team at WRI India, over 90% of EVs sold in India are personal vehicles. Of these, 80% are two-wheelers, and the rest four-wheelers of course with some commercial 3-wheelers as well”. This should answer the question of why community EV Charging stations have become a must in Residential complexes. Zappi Car Chargers is best chargers to EV vechiles that charge EV vehicles faster.

Prioritizing personal mobility should be a choice today as 80% of EV charging happens in our own homes. Also, a lot of people are considering buying an electric vehicle due to the hiking prices of petrol and diesel. Installing community charging stations in gated communities will enhance the ease of EV charging. It will be same like Workplace EV charger installation. Also, residential charging will reduce the charging anxiety and difficulty to search for charging stations. But how feasible it is to set up a charging station.

What you need to know before setting up your charging station –

  1. How many users will be charging from your charging point?
  2. Is there enough Parking space in your apartment?
  3. What are the costs associated with charging station equipment?
  4. Do you need to upgrade the energy meter?

KERC (Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission) states that any apartment newly built has to provide at least two charging stations if the apartment’s requisitioned load is 250 KW or above, or if its built-up area exceeds 5,000 m2. Karnataka’s electricity board, BESCOM is setting up the EV charging infrastructure at a faster rate.

What you need to know before setting up your charging station -

Challenges to setting up residential EV charging stations

  • Many people don’t own an electric vehicle yet and the ratio of EV to IC engine vehicles will be less. At times there are restrictions on parking spaces.
  • The initial cost of setting up a charging station is huge and hence at least a minimum of 30 % of residents should own an EV.
  • Standalone residents do have no parking space and crowd for an EV charging station.
  • The installation process is complex and requires expertise.
  • Getting permission from the housing society, electricity board and the municipality is a long process.

How to enable residential EV charging infrastructure in India?

Resident charging is a major initiative that all of us together will have to drive at in times to come. In the urban space, urban local bodies and the RWS are forming a consortium on how to take it forward. The standards, the Evac, their cost proposition, installation processes, the safety standards, all those things can be simplified at the same time, ensure that safety is available so that they can be taken to the residential areas without much difficulty.

In the residential area, a substantial portion of parking has been reserved for electric vehicle charging equipment. Now, we need to go in for awareness initiatives so that the people are sensitized. Not only that, there is a need for maintaining and welcoming the charging infrastructure, but also to ensure that within the premises, a kind of discipline is maintained so that charging takes place systematically and efficiently.


Charzer (www.charzer.com) offers a range of electric vehicle charging solutions- hardware, software, and services that are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed a serviced by certified professionals. Residents can pay and use the charging stations using the charzer electric vehicle charging app

  • Charzer Omni 3.3 kW
  • Charzer Terra 7.4 kW / 11 kW / 22 kW
  • Charzer DC Fast 24 kW / 50 kW

Others include:

  • Delta Electronics DC Fast Charging Stations
  • Mahindra Electric Fast charger
  • Ather Grid Charging Point
  • SemaConnect Systems India Pvt Ltd

Apartment Charging Station Setup Guide

  • Space and location planning of the charging station means how far is the parking space from the station and how the supply lines will be run across.
  • Getting required permissions from the authorities and fulfilling the requirements to set up an EV charging infrastructure.
  • Determine the number of charging points required based on the number of vehicles available for charging. Also, identify the level of charging required (AC / DC Fast) and the power rating.
  • Contact a supplier like Charzer to get an estimate for your Apartment.
  • Apply for a BESCOM connection under LT6 – a Low Tension category specifically for EV Charging. (Optional)

A special category of BESCOM LT6(C) connection at Rs 5.5 per unit + fixed charges is available for EV charging stations. This tariff is lower than that of an individual connection (LT2). The following table estimates the cost per unit for the LT6(C) connection.

How to charge an electric scooter in an apartment?

For apartment charging, a regular AC EV charging port is the best time to charge your scooter overnight, while you are sleeping in bed and the scooter is parked at home.

All you need is simple wiring & a good vendor willing to install a charging port in a day. 2 to 3 installed in an apartment can be shared among many and used at different times.You can check more details here: https://www.charzer.com/apartment-ev-charging

You can install any type of charging station as the Make-In-India initiative as not standardized any fixed charging station. The government has allowed startups to come up with their own charging station and install it across the country.

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