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What is the first word that comes to your mind when you say “supplement”? very obviously, it is either whey protein, mass gainer, or fat burner. If you are aware of the fitness industry and have a bit of extra knowledge of fitness nutrition, add pre-workout or casein to the list. Nevertheless, how much do you know about creatine and glutamine?

Sadly, these two miracle compounds are not getting the hype they deserve. Both creatine and glutamine have immense benefits for the body. Their benefits multiply manifolds for an exercising body going through intense training. However, only expert and elite bodybuilders or certified fitness trainers know what these two compounds mean to the body. Sports supplement retailers such as NutroJenix, who have years of research and personal fitness experience stock creatine and glutamine supplements in Pakistan. But they are just a handful. 

We dive into the reasons why creatine and glutamine have not made it to the heights of adoption and promotion yet.


  1. They Do Not Have “Direct” Effects

If you happen to ask google about a supplement for weight loss, it will yield results about whey protein powders or fat burners. It might even suggest some exercises to boost the supplement’s efficiency or meal plans, but no creatines or glutamines. The reason is, these two are not “directly” linked to fitness; and since our ultimate destination for seeking guidance and asking questions is Google, we end up missing some key information.

Creatine and glutamine supplements increase the amount of these two compounds in the body. Does this lead to the question as to what exactly do they do?

Creatine is an amino acid. The main areas that creatine works on are endurance and strength. Creatine helps to build lean muscle mass. It also improves athletic performance in athletes and sports professionals.

On the other hand, glutamine has deeper metabolic functions. It improves immunity, brain functions, digestion, and muscle support. Glutamine helps to recover tired muscles and reduces soreness. This has special benefits for individuals who engage in strenuous exercises and do intense training.

Due to these benefits, although these supplements are benchmark products, they are still not prescribed by fitness experts because their benefits are not directly linked to cutting down weight or burning fat.

  1. They are Not For the Commoners

Usually, common people have simpler fitness goals: weight gain, or weight loss. The world of bodybuilding, stamina increase, strength training, or athletic performance is an arena not explored by regular people. Since a common person merely needs to cut down on fat, he is recommended the product that does just that.

Having said that, this is still a piece of incomplete fitness advice, since creatine and glutamine have key functions in a successful weight loss or weight gain journey too. Creatine can help preserve lean mass while glutamine works wonders in maintaining immune health, muscle recovery, and digestion. Regardless of your fitness goals, these supplements should be advised with every targeted supplement.

  1. You are Not Asking the Right Person

If you ask a farmer about the best way to increase athletic performance, he will suggest leafy green vegetables. A milkman will recommend pure buffalo milk while a coop manager will provide eggs. Even though all these natural ingredients are extremely important for the body, they cannot provide exclusive and target-oriented results.

If you are an athlete or a cyclist looking to enhance your performance, you need to seek consultation from a fitness expert. Pakistan is fortunate to have a few certified fitness trainers who are foreign qualified in the field of sports medicine and nutrition. They can provide the best assistance while bearing in mind your targets and goals. An expert in the field of fitness supplements is sure to recommend creatine and glutamine supplements to increase athletic performance and boost stamina and buy it from authorized store like NutroJenix .

Are Creatine and Glutamine Underrated

It can be seen obviously that creatine glutamine does not get the attention and hype that they deserve. All the attention is towards whey proteins and other common supplements. There is need to bring these supplements into the limelight and let everyone know of their unmatched benefits and results for a healthier lifestyle and target-oriented fitness programs.

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