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Why Do Low Budget Phones Often Offer Higher Battery Capacity

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The smartphone market has been booming in India for a few years now and is touted to surge with each passing quarter. With more Indians relying on smartphones as their go-to devices for all their needs, from bill payments to chatting and browsing, lockdowns have only facilitated their use more.

Mobiles under 10000 INR from Chinese smartphone makers have taken the Indian smartphone market by storm since their foray a few years ago. Today, Indians have the option to buy any smartphone they want, flagship, or budget. The demand for smartphones is up in cities as well as in smaller rural areas, as budget phones are available to India’s multitude of lower-income groups. These make up the bulk of the smartphone sales for smartphone brands in India. 

Smartphones in Low Segments

Budget buyers are quite savvy and know what they want in smartphones in terms of features and specs. This often results in brands rising to the occasion by creating competitive handsets, vying for the Indian buyer’s attention. Furthermore, just because these in-demand mobiles are called ‘budget’ phones, one shouldn’t get fooled into believing that they are getting any less of a smartphone. Most have great specs and features, including clever camera arrays and massive battery power for phones in this category. Low-budget buyers who want affordability combined with value find these phones ideal for regular use. You can get smartphones today with price tags of less than 10,000 INR having close to 5,000mAh battery capacities. For instance, the Realme 2 with 4,230mAh battery capacity is a hit in the budget segment, as it comes with 3GB RAM and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC. With a 6.2 – inch display, this phone comes at a sub-10,000 price. You may even find a 5,000mAh battery mobile under 12,000 INR which is an excellent deal. 

The Importance of the Battery

For some low-income smartphone buyers, the battery is a priority, and they want their phones powered up at least for the length of the day. In inexpensive smartphones, although you get some great specs and features with phones working well for regular use, smartphone makers cannot afford high-end processors and huge RAM incorporated in phones. Nonetheless, with a decent amount of RAM at 2GB or 3GB and a fast-operating chipset, normal multitasking can be done. This is where the battery comes in. By ensuring that budget phones have large batteries, users know their phones won’t die on them while they are in the midst of tasks, or while they are on the move. This acts as a draw for budget buyers from low-income groups in India. 

Battery Life is a Priority

Irrespective of the features and specifications, long battery life is a priority for most smartphone users in India. Smartphone makers realize this, and since it’s a must-have specification for users, even budget phones need a large battery. Consumers and smartphone brands know that it’s hard to find phones that last on a single charge throughout the day. With features like large screens with high resolutions, powerful chipsets and big RAM size, it’s challenging to keep the battery going. Nonetheless, in affordable phones in lower segments, it’s easy to get large batteries to power up the phone for longer. Although displays may be large at 6 inches plus, other features and specifications are somewhat technologically compromised, making 4,000mAh and above battery capacities run phones for longer durations.  For mobiles under 10,000 INR, like the Samsung Galaxy M01, you get a battery of 3,000mAh that works just fine throughout your day. The Redmi 9A is another model that has a 5,000mAh battery and is one of the best-selling budget phones today. This phone has an AI-powered 13MP rear camera and a 2GB RAM that adds to the smart specifications of the phone. With an octa-core G25 Helio processor, you can’t go wrong with this phone in the budget segment. 

Budget Phones with Large Batteries 

Manufacturing costs of batteries are relatively low as there is an upper limit to battery sizes that can fit in smartphones these days. While the cost of advanced processors and RAM configurations may result in an increase in the cost of the device, not to mention other features like Full HD displays and AI camera arrays, the cost of putting a large battery into an inexpensive phone is relatively cheap. You will get phones like the Motorola E7 Power with a large battery and only 4GB RAM that is relatively inexpensive, which is a 5000mAh battery mobile

Buy a Budget Smartphone

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