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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup? 6 Reasons Here

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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup? 6 Reasons Here

Do you know what is Cloud Backup?

Most users may be no strangers to file backups, after all, people are transitioning from paper records to electronic records of all life and work. Cloud backup, also commonly referred to as remote and online backup solutions, is a strategy for sending backup copies of data from your device to geo-locations. Cloud backup has become a necessity for many people and organizations, and it is the most effective preventive measure against data being compromised.

Don’t be dismissive, data loss is still a disaster at all times, with statistics showing that 93% of organizations that have lost important data in the last two years are at risk of failure. The main reasons for losing files and photos are the following:

  • Accidental deletion of important files;
  • Daily accidents like coffee and other liquids being accidentally tipped over;
  • Power outages or power trips;
  • Damage to hard drives or computer loss;
  • Viruses and ransomware;
  • Natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.;
  • Software and servers that are damaged or crashed.

As a result, data loss is very easy to occur, and more and more people are choosing cloud backup to add an extra layer of security to their data. But it’s worth noting that about 62% of enterprise respondents use the cloud for file backup and disaster recovery purposes, and there are many more advantages to cloud backup to attract users.

6 reasons for using Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

More and more users are realizing the importance of backing up and saving important task data at all times. But cloud backup can bring us more than that, and cloud computing can always bring more possibilities than we thought, so let’s see why cloud backup is so important to users.

Data assurance: Cloud backup not only provides a backup copy of the data stored offsite on your computer, but more importantly, the cloud backup service uses data encryption technology, and your data is always encrypted during transmission without worrying about data breaches.

√ Ease to use: Offsite backup service providers often offer multiple features, some services support the entire backup operation in a few simple steps, and advanced cloud computing can increase productivity across multiple organizations.

√ With cost-effective: Online backup providers often offer cloud storage subscriptions based on different user groups, and you can choose backup space with a one-month, one-year, or even permanent time frame based on your backup needs. Of course, there are some generous providers that give away a certain amount of free backup space, which is very friendly for beginners.

√ Higher compatibility: Some hardware and devices have compatibility issues, which often result in some hard-to-fix errors. With an offline cloud-based backup solution, data can be backed up from any compatible device and files can be recovered to any device.

√ Professional customer support services: If there are any problems with your cloud data backup solution, you can get highly specialized customer assistance, as opposed to traditional on-site data backup does not provide such support. You could get highly professional customer assistance to provide the best support to solve your problem with an online backup service.

√ Rapid disaster recovery: If you use traditional physical backup methods, the process of restoring data from your device back to your local area takes manual and long. Besides, when your backup device is also unfortunately lost or damaged, all previous efforts may be lost. With a cloud data backup solution, backup files can be recovered to any device quickly and automatically, anytime, anywhere.

As competition in the market becomes more competitive and cloud backup service providers keep pace with all technological advances, you may be less sure how to choose the right product. If you are still hesitating, read on and consider our opinion.

How to make a Cloud Backup?

Now that the cloud backup market offers so many options that each service has its own characteristics, how do users choose the right backup software and back up files on their computers?

Here, we recommend a free and reliable cloud backup product, CBackup. CBackup is a versatile cloud backup service focused on PC-to-cloud backup, cloud-to-cloud backup/sync, and multi-cloud combinations. It offers multiple backup destinations, users can back up data to the CBackup Cloud, which has free 10GB storage, or to major Cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive

You can easily back up your entire PC to an offsite location with CBackup, and quickly restore the backup to your original or new location if needed. CBackup also offers features that make the backup process easier, such as schedule backup, file filter, email notification, and more. With this single service to meet the needs of the vast majority of people to back up data to the cloud, follow these steps to learn how to start a cloud backup task.

Step 1. Download the CBackup freeware on your computer, and create your CBackup account, log in to the CBackup client.

Step 2. Navigate to the Backup Tasks tab after you signing in, and click on the New Task button.

Step 3. In the next window, click on the Add Source button, and you could select any file or folder from your PC that you want to backup to CBackup Cloud.

Step 4. And then click on the Add Destination button to select the CBackup Cloud option, continue by clicking Next to determine your selection.

Note: You can click on Settings at the bottom left of the window, you can set when or how often backup tasks are automatically enabled under Scheduler, and Email Notification and File Filter can help make backup tasks easier to complete.

Step 5. Click the Start Backup button in the lower right corner to execute your cloud backup task.

Final word

Ten years ago, few organizations realized how important it was to back up data, and today, the advent of cloud backups provides the most reliable and easy way for most users to back up. To avoid the threat of data loss from anyone’s errors and unexpected disasters, it’s best to back up the cloud now.

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