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Why do you need Degree Certificate Apostille Services?

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Apostille Services

Most of us are familiar with the attestation process as it is required by most of the departments in our country and other countries if you are planning international travel. There are some countries that have made it mandatory to get an Apostille degree.

The French word “Apostille” literally means “certification”.  The countries that are a member of Hague Convention of 1961 consider the documents issued by other countries legal only if they have an Apostille stamp on it.  India became a member of the Hague Convention in 2005.

Each country has its own Apostille. The Indian apostille stamp is a square-shaped sticker that is put on the backside of the document by the Ministry of External Affairs. Once a document is apostilled, it does not need to be attested by the Embassy. However, the apostille is valid for six months only, after which you need to get it apostilled again. So, you should get it apostilled just prior to your travel.

Cases that require an Apostille Certification:

  • If you are planning to develop a business overseas, you will need an Apostille stamp on all commercial documents related to your business.
  • Students interested in studying in Universities abroad need to get an apostille on their educational certificates, diploma, and mark sheet.
  • If you have applied for a work visa in a foreign country, you will require Apostille on all your educational documents.
  • A medical certificate with an Apostille is mandatory to prove that you are medically fit.
  • People who apply for a family visa need an Apostille on the Marriage and Date of birth Certificates.
  • A single status certificate with an Apostille is required if you are planning to get married overseas.
  • Police clearance certificate that proves your non-criminal background needs an apostille stamp.

The process of getting an Apostille is sometimes very time-consuming because the document is forwarded to the Home Department, HRD, or The Chamber of Commerce. After it is verified here, it is sent to the MEA for the Apostille.

Benefits of an Apostille stamp

  • Apostille helps in minimizing illegal business as those who do not have genuine documents are unable to get an apostille. Without an Apostille, you cannot do business with a foreign company.
  • During your stay in a foreign country, you are asked to show your documents time and again. This may happen when you try for admission to a college, start a business or a job or simply to prove your identity. At such a time, you will not face any problem if your certificates have an Apostille.

An Apostille stamp on a document makes it legal and thus acceptable internationally.

Many companies provide Degree certificate apostille services nowadays. It is advisable to get help from them as they can get the work done in the shortest possible time. The documents are collect from your home and delivered wherever required at a very nominal charge.

Choose the service provider carefully as original documents have to be hand over. It is best to go with a company that has been authoriz by the MEA.

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