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Why is selecting the best Door And Wall Protector Supplier important?

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Why is selecting the best Door And Wall Protector Supplier important

People are frequently asked how to safeguard doors and walls on the job site from harm. The staff has collaborated to create this simple step-by-step tutorial to help you safeguard your door and wall protectors from harm and save money. Rootex is the additional heavy-duty door and wall protector supplier giving added peace of mind.

Assess The Level Of Door Protection Required

What level of security is needed? Consider the trades that will be working around the gates. Door and wall protection sleeves or door security correct are allowed as a general rule if just decorative work is being done. However, we recommend that you utilize Buffer Board for the most security and peace of mind. Bufferboard is a lightweight, easy-to-cut material that provides great impact safety.

Protect The Door Jambs

Safeguard any exposed door jambs before you start covering the door itself. Install a door jamb shield on the door jambs; the guards’ high-impact protection foam will guard against bangs and scratches from construction traffic; the protectors are self-gripping, so no fastening is necessary. You’ll require to secure the top of the door frame, which is vulnerable to harm from ladders and other objects. In this region, a half-length jamb protector is recommended.

Cut The Buffer Board To Size

Next, utilizing a sharp knife, calculate the gate size and cut door sheets of Bufferboard to fit. Make careful to make a hole for any doorknobs and wrap eight strips of easy tear low stick tape around each sheet on all four sides. 

Fix The Door Protection Sheets 

Tape over every side of the door while holding the door protection sheet in place. Rep with the other layer; this should secure the sheets in place. 

Protect The Door Edges 

Find the best U-profile edge protection based on the thickness of the door. Select the 45-60mm U-profile door edge guards, for example, if the door is 50mm thick. If required, use simple rip low stick tape to fasten them around each exposed surface of the door, except on the hinge side. 

Protect The Door Handles

Experts strongly advise waiting until the last feasible time to install any doorknobs. However, if they have been installed, it is critical that they be adequately secured, since replacing them may be expensive. Cut a meter square of bubble wrap and wrap it over the door handle, securing it with simple rip low stick tape, making sure no part of the handle is visible.

Protect Drywall Corners from Damage

The major reason for using it is to protect walls from harm. Because of their placement, things being moved or pushed are often snagged on corners, making them the most damaged section of your home. Dents gouges and ripped drywall paper are the consequence.

Using a guard strengthens the corner and adds another layer of protection to your finish, ensuring that your edges look fantastic for years to come. The good news is that they can be bought to fit any décor, and some models can even be painted to match. 


While door and wall protectors are not permitted, they should be held back to prevent the door and wall from shutting and posing a hazard.

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