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Why Is The Portable Silent Nebulizer The Best Choice Till Now

by M Sakhawat
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A nebulizer is a machine that is used by people suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma. In ailments that involve breathing problems, taking medicines orally can be difficult for the patient. So, doctors recommend the use of nebulizers as it eases the task of coming medicine. How? The machine converts the dosage of medication into a fine mist which is easy to breathe in by the patient. It allows easy absorption of liquid medicine into the lungs. 

Generally, doctors share specific information on how to use the nebulizer machine, but there are different types of nebulizers available in different brands. So, the basic functioning can differ from brand to brand depending on the availability of features. When customers are purchasing a new nebulizer machine, they should buy the latest model available to get access to the latest features. 

Why is the portable silent nebulizer the best choice?

Amongst a variety of nebulizers, there is a portable rechargeable silent nebulizer that has become a popular choice amongst people. Well, with the range of features that this model offers, anybody would prefer buying it over the normal ones. Checkout some silent features that you get in this model. 


The first thing about portable silent nebulizers is that they are portable. As you know nebulizer is a very useful machine for people who deal with respiratory problems. Sometimes asthma attacks come uninformed, and you don’t always get time to rush to your nearest health center for treatment. So, it is crucial to keep a nebulizer along wherever you go, so you have access to it everywhere. But, some nebulizers run on electricity, you need an electricity socket around to use it. This is why portable nebulizers are the best choice, as it usually relies on a battery to operate and is smaller in size than normal nebulizers available in the market.


As already mentioned, a portable nebulizer usually runs on battery power; that is why it is portable. So, that brings us to another feature that makes it easy to use; it’s rechargeable. The battery can be recharged prior to use and used anytime. You don’t need access to electricity every time you need the machine. 


Generally, the air compressors compress the liquid medication that you put in, converting it into a fine mist. So, when the compressor is working, it produces loud noise. But the benefit of portable silent nebulizers is that they produce very little to no noise at all. You can use it silently in your room without disturbing others at home. 

Advanced liquid sensor

Another amazing feature of this model is that it comes with an advanced liquid sensor. Generally, when the dosage finishes, the nebulizer keeps on working with an empty cup until you turn it off. But with advanced liquid sensors, the nebulizer turns off automatically as the medication finishes. 

This post explains what a nebulizer is and what is the latest version of nebulizers available out there. Compare the feature to buy the suitable one for yourself. 

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