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Why Phoenix is a Great Place for Young Adults to Start a Career

by John Milton
Why Phoenix is a Great Place for Young Adults to Start a Career

Starting a career and getting on your way to the kind of life you want to lead is a huge decision: and you must give yourself the best chance at success by starting in the right city.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or bounced between a couple of jobs already: Phoenix is the best place for young adults to start their careers.

A Large Number of Job Opportunities

There are tons of job opportunities in Phoenix.  This city is home to four Fortune 500 companies, with specialties ranging from mining to electronics, hauling, and even retail through PetSmart.  These are huge hiring companies that are eager to draw in as many employees and new workers as possible- and each offers different levels of upward momentum.  This means you can start lower down in the company and literally climb the corporate ladder the longer you work with them!

A Great Location for Work-Life Balance

If you’re worried about wasting your 20s away behind a desk: that fear is a thing of the past in Phoenix!  This city implores locals to make the most of their time off the clock as they do on the clock.

Although it’s hot in this area, there are still tons of things to do, from hiking to rafting, golf, and rock climbing: not to mention the awesome nightlife and fun social events and musical acts you can catch!  Living here is like enjoying a new event or production every day!

The Sixth Best Place In America for Jobs

Although some may think the sixth-best city in America for jobs isn’t that high of an honor: there are almost 20,000 cities in this country.  Not only does this mean that it beats out tons of others: but it continues to stand as one of the best places to work as a young professional.  Getting your start out in such a vibrant city ensures that you can build your way further up that list if you want to!

Education to Help You Get Further

Education is a must in today’s job climate.  Instead of having a degree simply being a perk, it’s now expected that most job applicants have at least an associate’s degree.  Because of that, you must try to get a minimum of a couple of years of a college education.  There are many great colleges in the Phoenix area; from Phoenix College to GateWay Community College, you’ll find a higher education that speaks to you.

Lower Cost of Living Than Other Major Cities

Phoenix may seem expensive, but its cost of living is 2% lower than the national average.  This means that young professionals starting out can let their dollars go further and expect a little more bang for their buck when looking for Phoenix houses for rent than they’d find in most of the country.

Anyone Could Turn Their Life Around in Phoenix

Whether you’re a young professional starting your first career path or considering a place to start a family off of the job you have, there are tons of options for easier living in Phoenix.  Consider moving here soon!

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