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Why Register a Domain Name for Your Website? Find Out Here

by M Sakhawat
Why Register a Domain Name for Your Website? Find Out Here

Running a business like an ecommerce store requires a strong online presence. To get more visitors to visit your website, it is essential to have domain name registration with a reliable registrar or a web hosting service provider. The first step to register domain name for your website is to select a good domain name, which suits your business or service.

Nonetheless, the quality of a website has an influence on the traffic and sales. A well-designed website will attract potential visitors. At times people confuse between a website and a domain name. A domain name is an address, and it distinguishes itself from other websites. Furthermore, it shows direction to your website and hence, you need to register the domain to have your visitors identify your website. With an easy-to-remember, short and catchy domain name, you can attract the visitors, who search for your service, product, or brand.

Choose a perfect domain name for your website

Websites are provided with an IP or Internet Protocol address or numbers. A series of numbers for each IP is confusing and difficult to remember. To help you distinguish your website from others, you need a domain name which is a name that replaces the IP address. This can be a word or phrase related to your product, service, or business. You can reach a specific web portal by typing this text on the URL space bar of a browser.

This domain name when created using keywords related to your business or service helps the visitors know more about your business by reaching your website very easily. However, before going for domain registration, it is important to know if a particular domain name is available and not used by others. A domain registrar can help you find out the best domain name with the help of domain name search tool.

Select the right domain name extension

If your business is commercial it is always good to choose generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as ‘.com and .net. It will help you have a global presence. If your business is based in a country like New Zealand, it would be better to use country code like ‘.nz’ or ‘.com.nz’ to attract local customers of your area or country.  You can also check new TLDs that releases every week.

Domain name registration

To register your domain, you need to apply for domain name registration with an ICANN accredited domain registrar, who is authorized for domain name registration.

Next, check whether the domain name is available by using a domain availability searching tool. If your domain name is not available, look for the option until you find the most suitable one. A domain name registrar can help you to get the right domain name.

On selecting a domain, you need to proceed with submitting the application for domain name registration.  After the registration, you can find your domain name in the data base.

Through domain name registration, your website is easily found and identified, and it helps bring a lot of organic traffic.

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