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Why There Will Never Be Another Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

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Why There Will Never Be Another Bitcoin - Experts Opinion

It’s been 10 crazy Bitcoin. In fact, it has been ten years since Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. Whoever he was, he, or whoever they were, had a profound effect on the world. No doubt they predicted that which is why they chose to disappear from the light – Bitcoin cryptocurrency

So for more than a decade, Bitcoin is still alive and well and more powerful than ever. Thousands of other cryptocurrencies have arrived since they all tried to imitate the master of Crypto. Everything has failed and will continue to fail. Bitcoin is another type. Something that cannot be repeated. If you don’t know why let me explain.

If you do not know what Bitcoin is I will give you a few important points:

  • Bitcoin Is Digital Internet
  • It has a maximum of 21 Million feeds
  • It cannot be done
  • Not All Coins Are circulating right now
  • Fully Distributed Without Man’s Control
  • Can’t Test
  • Peer-to-peer acquisition
  • Anyone Can Use It
  • Bitcoin Has Fixed Decorative Rates Every 4 Years

What makes Bitcoin different?

So what makes Bitcoin different from all the thousands of other currencies developed since then?

When Bitcoin was first introduced it began to spread slowly among a small group of people. It grew physically. When people began to see the benefits of Bitcoin and how the price would rise due to the constant supply, it began to grow very rapidly.

Bitcoin blockchain has now spread to hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. It has spread beyond the control of any government. The composer is finished and is now working independently.

Developers can upgrade and upgrade the Bitcoin network but this should be done by my agreement across the Bitcoin network. No one else can control Bitcoin. This is what makes Bitcoin so unique and impossible to duplicate.

There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available now but as an example of what makes Bitcoin different, I will use Ethereum as an example. It is one of the largest Altine coins at the moment and has been founded in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik manages the Ethereum blockchain and basically has the final say in any development that takes place in Ethereum.

Research and Government Disruption

With this example let us imagine that Iran is sending billions of dollars to North Korea to fund their new nuclear weapons program. This is not a good situation but it should show you how safe your money is in Bitcoin!

Anyway .. the first example. Iran uses a standard banking system and transfers this money to North Korea in USD. The US government says hang on for a minute, we need to freeze this transaction and take the money. It’s easy. They did so quickly and the problem was gone.

The second example. The same thing happened again but this time Iran is using the Ethereum blockchain to send money to North Korea. The US government sees what is happening. A call is made.

The US government is “putting pressure” on Vitalik and they are trying to get him to block the blockchain and cancel Iran’s trade. (The Ethereum blockchain was actually reversed earlier when a criminal stole a large sum of money).

Problem solved. Unfortunately, Ethererum’s credibility can be compromised as well as its price.

Ethereum is just an example, but it is true for every other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin cannot be suspended

So the same thing happened again. This time Iran is using Bitcoin as their payment method. The US government recognizes this and has no power to stop it.

No one can call him. No one can put pressure on you. Bitcoin is more than just researching.

Every other cryptocurrency out there is made by someone or a company and that will always be a failure. They are still in the middle.

Another example would be that if Vitalik’s family was kidnapped. Bitcoin is more than any of this which is why it is the safest investment in the world.

Learn how to use Bitcoin

Everyone should have some Bitcoin. It is not without its dangers. If you are new to Bitcoin you will have to learn bitcoin much as you can before investing. Being the owner of Bitcoin comes with a lot of answers. Learn to use Bitcoin safely.

For people just entering the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many hidden dangers. Don’t waste money on hard work until you know what you’re doing!

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