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Why You Should Be Worried About the Future of Self Storage

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Future of Self Storage

The world has seen a massive boom in the self-storage industry, especially during the last ten years. In 2019, the self-storage industry business worldwide was estimated at around $38 million, mind-blowing. More and more people are looking towards renting storage units as a quick fix to increase storage space.

Right now, the self storage business is at its best, with both consumers and business owners’ benefit. Every day we hear about a new self-storage business venturing out in the market with a new and innovative concept. The business is excellent, the prices are under a check, and the demand for storage units is on the rise, so what’s there to worry about?

The world as we knew it, changed when COVID-19 hit in 2019. The after-effects of the pandemic will be evident even after years. People changed how they did business, all the busy, and all rules were re-written in the lock-down. Some businesses came out stronger than ever, especially the self-storage business.

The future of the self storage industry is predicted by business and market experts. They have analyzed the situation in detail concerning all the statistical data, and it is safe to say that the self-storage business’s future is not as promising as it may seem.

The self-storage industry is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Business owners should try to keep up with the pace and beware of the public demands. If the business is not aligned with the public demand, it may come down crumbling as fast as it got to the top.

Self-storage departments that need to be updated

Gone are the days when traditional self-storage facilities were enough. Rows of storage units with a steel shutter were quite the norm everywhere. But now it is not enough, people who require comfort want luxury in all aspects of their lives. People happily spend money when they get top-notch customer service and a pleasant storage experience. Self-storage business owners can work on the following departments to compete in a market that is already cut-throat.


People also look for a pleasant self-storage experience like everything in life, even if it means paying more than expected. People now look for ease, they want comfort, and they want luxury. Storage epsom business owners can provide them just that. You can offer some amenities with the storage unit to attract more customers and clients.

A pick and drop service will work wonders for people who live alone and have to do all the work by themselves. You can also offer a packing and dismantling service, which can be an excellent incentive for people who don’t have any help to deal with all the stuff. These amenities have revolutionized the storage business as many storage companies have started by offering these amenities.

Accessibility of business

One more challenge the storage business faces is the time-consuming process of searching and booking for a reliable storage unit. People often push back on getting a storage unit as they don’t know where to look for a storage unit and how to book it. Self-storage owners should take drastic measures to digitalise their business so that it is accessible to everyone.

Having an online presence is necessary for all businesses to sustain themselves in the 21st century. People now want to get everything on their doorstep without much effort. E-commerce has allowed people to order everything online; the same is the case with storage units.

Nowadays, almost every storage company has a website where potential clients can check out the prices and storage unit sizes. Some storage companies offer the option of online booking, making their services super accessible.


People often store valuables in storage units. They want to ensure that all their stuff will remain protected and undamaged. Storage business owners should take special measures to ensure that the storage facility has the latest security and safety parameters.

A storage facility that is purpose-built and indoor has the most secured premises. You can ensure you have protected entry and exit points with appropriate CCTV surveillance. Most people opt for renting storage units because they think it is the safest option to keep their valuables protected.

The self-storage industry could level up their services by offering secured storage units and storage lockers. Storage facility’s security can also be automated with fingerprints and retina scanned entry, automatic doors, and gates. People naturally get attracted to innovative and unique business practices.

Full-service storage

Self-storage has come a long way since ten years ago. The storage industry delivered according to public demand by giving what they wanted. Full-service storage facilities are pretty high in demand nowadays.

A full-service storage company works differently than a traditional storage service. When you hire a full-service storage provider, all you gotta do is book an appointment for pick-up. The company will send out a team of professionals who will pack up your stuff, take it back to their storage facility and store it by themselves.

This concept is relatively new and very warmly received by people. Who doesn’t want convenience in their lives? It definitely is worth it if it means paying a little extra and saving yourself a lot of hassle. Storage companies need to update their services to meet the demand of people and provide proper assistance.

Value-added services

To keep up with the demands, self-storage companies should also offer more value-added services to make for a pleasant storage experience.

Some storage companies are already on it. They offer packing and dismantling services, removal services, and pick-up and drop-off services against nominal charges. Apart from these, storage companies should also provide insurance and liability cover for all the storage units.

When we talk about value-added services, the sky’s the limit. It all depends on how further you want to expand your business and how you want to get to the top of your competition.


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