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Window Activation: 2 methods to Activate your window

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Today we will talk about the window activation, how to activate your window 7, 8, or 10. So we will discuss two main methods for window activation. Nowadays mostly window users have faced the same problem as the window is not activated. Mostly user does not buy a proper window and used a simple free version that has a face window activation problem.

So today we will fix this problem by two main methods of window activation. The first method for window activation is through a text file, make a cmd file a solved problem. This method is simple and easy.

the second method for window activation is through software. This method is a little tough but not too much so come on the first method.

First Method

you need to internet access and open browser, search “Bit/ly/windowtxt”. After searching that you have to open the first web and have to copy all content that will be available on the web. After copying you have to minimize the browser and go back on the desktop.

Now you have to add a new text file and open it. after open you have to paste all content that you copied then you have to save as the file to this name “Window.cmd”. After that all the procedures you have to open this window file and be patient for 10 seconds. After completing this procedure you will see that your window will be activated. If this method doesn’t work so do not worry and try to second method.


Second Method

You need to download a software “Microsoft toolkit”. When downloaded you have to install this software on your pc or laptop.

When the installing is completed you have to open and click on the window icon. Clicking on window icon you have to go into the “product key” option and select window products like windows 8 or 10 and also select window edition. then you have to install it. Next, you have to click on the activate button. and at the end, you have to click on “EZ-Activator”. Now your window is activated. So if you have any problem related to this tutorial please free to ask through mail or comment.

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