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Tips to Write a Successful Book Summary

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Tips to Write a Successful Book Summary

Tips to Write a Successful Book Summary. It is extremely valuable that you summarize the books after reading them. The reason it is valuable is that it is important for self-improvement. Whatever your purpose, if you want to write successful book summaries, we suggest you consider these recommendations here.

People think that it is right to enlarge the book summaries too much. Nevertheless, making abstracts suitable for your technique can provide you with countless contributions in remembering what has been told. If you want to achieve this, you must follow the correct steps in the book summary.

Evaluation phase in preparing a book summary

The first step in making a book summary is the evaluation phase. At this stage, you take a brief look at the book in your hand, then read it carefully, and finally, prepare a summary outline for yourself. While doing all of these, adhering to certain criteria makes it much easier.

Many people bother to immediately summarize the book they are reading directly. Unfortunately, this approach is flawed because, for an effective summary, it is necessary to draw a portrait of the summary study at the evaluation stage. You can follow the steps below to draw this portrait.

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  • You should examine the book in your hand with the corner of your eye.  At this stage you should never, ever take any notes, just look at the book and try to understand it. You should look at the general lines of the book and consider skipping small details.
  • You can start examining the book in detail. While scrolling through the pages of the book, you should take notes as much as possible or highlight the places that stand out. While reading the book, you should not stick to the author’s chapters, but create your own stop points.
  • You should try to prepare a summary outline. In this step, you have created a skeleton of the summary. You should write the summary outline without thinking about going into too much detail. The most important thing to pay attention to here is to use your own sentences as much as possible.


Writing stage in preparing a book summary

The second step in making a book summary is the writing stage. At this stage, you have to set your goal while preparing your book summary. You should summarize the book in your hand in a way that will refer to its main lines and consider mentioning the message the book is trying to convey at the end of the summary.

While preparing a book summary, the writing stage is perhaps one of the areas where you will make the most effort. This may take a while, but it is worth it if you finally want to get a summary of your choice. Famous author and writers from ghostwriting company offer the best steps to evaluate the writing phase:

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  • You must clearly state the scope of the summary. The scope of the summary is to show what it will summarize from the very beginning. However, when necessary, you should try to fill the background of the summary with helpful thoughts.
  • You have to think of the book as a whole and start writing the summary.  At this stage, another situation that is as important as integrity is the language to be used in the summary. Instead of giving your own views, you should use phrases such as “expressed in the book like this” or “the author says this”.
  • You have to refer to the message the book wants to convey. You should definitely add this to the end of the summary because this is how you can explain to the person who will read the summary of what the book is about and why it is important. 


Review phase in preparing a book summary

The third step in making a book summary is the review phase. Your first job at this stage is to pay attention to consistency. You can read your summary to someone else and ask them to evaluate it, and most importantly, you can give your summary of the final form according to the feedback you will receive.

The most important detail in the review phase is the language used by the author and the message he wants to give. You should definitely try to mention the message the author wants to give in the summary. Besides, you should definitely check the consistency between the book and your summary.

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  • The link between your abstract and the book should be consistent. First of all, you should know that it is not right to use a language that is much more independent of the language used by the author. Yes, you should be original, but you should not build a summary that will damage the texture of the book in this authenticity.
  • If the book summary is homework, you should definitely show your summary to someone else and get an opinion from him. You can successfully get feedback by letting someone else see the summary. In this way, you can be aware of mistakes that you cannot notice with your own eyes.


You now know how to Write a Successful Book Summary. By following these steps, you can write summary articles as a hobby as well as Write a Successful Book Summary or articles that can get full points from your homework. It is not really difficult to summarize, but it is much easier when done properly.

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