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In North York, we have the privilege of having access to drinking water and we are used to seeing clear water flowing from our taps. However, sometimes the water is a little less clear, cloudy, discolored, or even has a rusty color. You may then wonder why the tap water is yellowish or rusty. Is it safe to drink it? Can I use this water for laundry? And the most important question, what should I do to prevent the tap water from turning yellow? The following article will give you information on what is making your water yellow or rusty, and how to identify the problem and what can be done if it is.

Causes of yellow tap water

Tap water that is discolored or has a yellowish tinge is most often caused by rust particles in the water. This is not a serious concern since although it is not pleasing to the eye, these traces of rust in the water do not pose a threat to health. This water can therefore be consumed without danger. If your water comes from a well, there may be other causes for this yellow tint. The water may contain organic matter. Decomposing vegetation or an accumulation of iron and manganese can give your water this color. In this situation, homeowners who depend on this well water should work closely with water specialists.

Find the source

If you are worried about the color of your water and that it is coming from the municipal supply, it is still important to identify the source. It can either be the municipal water supply, it can come from your plumbing and your interior accessories or your hot water tank. It is then necessary to proceed by elimination to identify the cause.

Municipal supply

Municipal pipes are emptied every few months to help remove any rust build-up. It is common for water to absorb some of the particles. The discoloration usually goes away as quickly as it started.

The hot water tank


Rust can build up in your hot water tank and could be a sign that it’s time for maintenance, repairs, or even a replacement. You will quickly know if the hot water tank is the cause if the water is yellow only when you turn on the hot water tap.



If you’ve eliminated all of the causes, the problem is probably in your faucet. This is probably a sign that your pipes are rusty. A true sign that your pipes are rusty is when the water comes out yellow or tinged with rust when you first turn on your cold water faucet and the water turns clear after a few seconds.


If you’re worried about the color of your water, don’t hesitate to talk to a plumber in North York. He will know how to find the problem and solve it.

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