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Yoga vs Gym: Which Is Really a Workout?

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What to join, whether yoga classes or gym, is the best biggest question for some and often put them in a dilemma? If you actually would like to know yoga or the gym – which is better or what you opt for? You must know the real meaning and purpose of such activities.

Everyone knows that yoga and gym are physical activities best to keep up good health and maintain an active life, but there are few things different in both of them, which makes people confused about what to opt for. Surely, the gym and other exercises are popular for long, but in recent decades yoga has been getting popularity not just in India, but all over the world and a lot of people from all over the world are coming to India, just to experience and learn yoga for their wellness.

Various health experts’ advise you to go with yoga or some sort of exercise as a part of the daily routine for healthy living, but, Yoga is getting popular than all. It must be noticed that it is so popular and offers great benefits that are why practicing by all, including- athletes to military personnel and even adopted in schools, rehab centers, jails and other various places for uplifting body, mind, and soul.

The Gym

The gym is all about to focus on our health along with the toned and attractive body and it doesn’t have anything to relate with the mind or mental simulation. Also, if you are planning to do it right from the comfort of your home, you will surely need equipment for gymming and also you cannot do it at home. Of course, we can’t afford a gym at home and this will make our practice incomplete.

If you join the gym, there can be times when one tends to bunk gym sessions due to laziness, tight schedule, distance, weather, and other reasons that will surely waste your money. As the said gym is all about vigorous workout sessions where you need to continuously depend on the machines and take all sweat out, hence after a gym work out one may feel tired and may have to deal with sore body parts. Additionally, it has seen that a gym session may increase hunger and lead to overeating, which is not appreciated at all. Also, the gym can’t head by all age groups, including- children, pregnant women, old age groups, people with disability and others, which is a major drawback.


Yoga can be called a very gentle and mindful exercise which is all about poses and breathing can easily be performed by all. With yoga, one can expect everything, but at a slower rate, including- great flexibility, toning, and strengthening, calm mind and control over the emotions.

To perform the same, you don’t need any equipment, just a peaceful space around yourself and a yoga mat to practice the various asanas, that is it.

Yoga can easily be done at home by checking out various free videos, having yoga DVDs and using other sources for more information, which will surely save our money, the travel time and efforts which we often needed to go to a gym.

Which is why one doesn’t need to skip the yoga sessions as everything can easily be done by sitting at home. Once the yoga session is done, one will feel so light, energetic and fresh, which is a major advantage over the gym.

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Yoga versus Gym which is better

Well, it is quite difficult to tell what to join as both are the best and aimed to get the best health and wellness. But, if you really want natural and affordable ways to improve energy, wellness and health yoga is the best.

This not only burns out calories by physical activity but also helps regulate the Mind and at the same time improve the body functions like digestion, blood flow, and flexibility.

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