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Your guide on how to wash a body pillow

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Your guide on how to wash a body pillow

Thanks to a body pillow, you can now sleep better. But with time, your body pillow accumulates dirt and stains. As this is unavoidable, it is only logical to ensure to keep it clean by washing it. By doing this, you’ll maintain a hygienic sleeping condition. It is recommended to wash a body pillow every three months or preferably every six months. Since you own a body pillow, you’ll agree that washing it isn’t always easy like you wash your clothes; going through the washer and the dryer.

How to wash a body pillow requires some steps and materials in order to maintain the quality. Since you don’t want that effective body pillow to quickly slack off or get ruined because you do not know how to wash a body pillow, consider these ways that explain how to wash a body pillow.

  • You can use a washing machine but, you should keep in mind that not all body pillows can be cleaned by using a machine. So be sure to check if your body pillow can undergo the washing of a machine. Remember to set the machine on low heat.
  • You don’t need bleach. Instead, use a moderate amount of mild detergent and once it’s all washed, either air-dry or preferably tumble dry.
  • How to wash a body pillow also includes using your hands or doing partial washing; cleaning little stained spots.

Find comfort in your sleep

It’s another night to end the day’s work and sleep. You get on the bed and give a relaxing sigh, and not long you fall asleep. But you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and start staring into blankness. You change your position over and over and try shutting your eyes while begging for sleep to come, but it’s all futile. Does this scenario look similar to what you often experience or what you have experienced? No one enjoys being unable to sleep at night. In fact, it’s annoying, except you have a deal to close at that time.

Understandably, you want to have the best night’s rest if possible. It is never out of place to long for comfort. So each night you sleep, you use a pillow, but why not try a body pillow? A body pillow will give you a top-notch experience. A body pillow quite differs in length compared to regular pillows. As the name explains, it is long.

Several people can benefit from using body pillows. Women who are pregnant, people who find it convenient to sleep on their side, or anyone suffering from backaches needs a body pillow for better sleep. A body pillow relieves backaches, makes sleeping easier and comfortable. When you properly use a body pillow, it can help in pine straightening, lift pressure from the shoulder or hips and also help you sleep in a better posture. So while you plan on choosing a pillow, go for a body pillow and enjoy the comfort.

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