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The Best YouTube To MP3 Converter

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The Best YouTube To MP3 Converter

The best YouTube to MP3 converter out there right now is: Win HD Video Converter Special Edition. If you want to convert a digital video to an MP3 format, Win HD Video Converter Special Edition is the ideal software around. It is not costly, unlike some of the tools below, but it can convert videos from any source (like YouTube, Video, Blu-Ray,  Ray, and DVD) into a high-quality output worthy of the highest expectations. Here are the other tools I recommend.

We’ve seen many free YouTube to MP3 converters in the past, and while most of them work well for the majority of users, only a few can actually meet their claims. The verdict on the free version is: disappointing.

Their basic functionality is decent, but the bugs and glitches have been just too much to take. In fact, after using this software, I downloaded another one called Overfeed X.

And even though their basic features are pretty much the same as the paid version, I still haven’t found anything impressive about them.

The two free tools that I recommend are: 

The two free tools that I recommend are Google Drive and Dropbox. The former allows you to upload your files from your computer to your Google Drive account, and vice versa, while the latter lets you upload videos from your daily motion camera to your Dropbox account.

The features they offer are quite similar, but they have different points of view when it comes to choosing the most suitable converter for you.

Google Drive allows you to upload and share your files via its website, while Dropbox lets you upload to its own website or directly to your Dropbox account.

While both services are free, you can definitely tell the difference in their functionality.

The third one on our list is the Online Video Converter. This online tool is a complete package of convenience and power.

It converts any video file to an AVI, MPG, WMA, JPEG, or PSD, as well as to a number of popular portable video formats. If you want to easily convert your videos to DVD, this is the perfect online tool for you.

This online tool doesn’t only convert videos:

This online tool doesn’t only convert videos, it also fixes common problems associated with YouTube, such as broken links, missing thumbnail images, missing video subtitles, and wrong audio timing.

So, in addition to fixing these common YouTube problems, this tool will make it easier for you to edit and enjoy your YouTube videos.

For less than $40, this is a must-have online tool for everyone who wants to effectively convert videos to MP3s.

Our final option is a brand new online service called Advanced Video Converter. This service allows you to quickly and easily convert any audio file to any other common format by simply copying and pasting the converted file.

With Advanced Video Converter, you can easily convert any audio file to an MP3 format, a WMA format, a JPEG, or an MP4 (which is a high-resolution audio file).

This is a remarkable service that has been created by a highly regarded online software company.


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