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Create a Workflow to Manage Your Business Account on Instagram

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Manage Your Business Account on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to increase your online presence without spending a fortune on it. Brands across the world are using it to engage with their audience and turn leads into clients. However, there are still many doubts over the right strategy to gain traction from the posts-Manage Your Business Account on Instagram

Many brands have converted their follower count from a few hundred to thousands or millions. They use Instagram’s algorithm and features to make the best use of their posts. A detailed plan starts with a workflow with the complete strategy divided into sub-tasks. 

Here, we have discussed the sub-process in a workflow to help you manage the Instagram account of your business. 

Apply for a Blue Tick

The blue tick is a mark of assurance for the users when they find your brand on Instagram. You can apply for it through the app within a few minutes. However, it may take up to 30 days to get the blue tick on your Instagram account.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the importance of blue ticks on social media platform. On the contrary, it is entirely optional and creates little impact on your performance. It also helps you stand apart from the other accounts with a similar name. 

Interact with Other Accounts

Your primary aim is to increase brand presence and user engagement on the platform. Therefore, it is recommended to post comments and communicate with others on the relevant posts. Their audience will read the comments and may check your account as well.

You need to make sure the account is related to your line of work. It is helpful only if the two accounts share a common target audience. Avoid interaction with brands with a bad image in the market. 

Consistent Posting

Many popular accounts post 6-8 times a day to keep the audience engaged. It is an excellent practice to make sure the positive results from previous posts are not wasted. The Instagram algorithm favors the accounts with a consistent posting schedule.

You should post at least 1 or 2 posts a day. Occasionally, it is okay to take a break, but it should not last more than 48 hours. Use a calendar application to manage your posting schedule. 

Collab with the Popular Creators

Instagram is a platform for marketers to leverage the popularity of influencers to sell their products. The number of influencers who derived sales from Instagram is much more than the other social media platforms. However, it is a little challenging to find the right person for the job within the budget. 

Many Influencers will show an impressive number of followers, but the engagement rate is significantly low. Also, check the quality of the audience and their relevancy with your product before hiring an influencer. You can apply for no credit check loans to cover the cost of hiring an influencer.  

Try to Feature on the Big Accounts

There are many accounts on Instagram with an enormous number of followers that promote posts from other accounts. They don’t ask for money or some favor to post your content. However, you need to focus on the quality if you want to feature on these platforms. 

Write Short and Impactful Caption

There is very small space for the captions on Instagram to grab the attention of the user. It should be short, concise, and related to the image. Put the valuable information for the user in the beginning, or it will get hidden. 

You can add a call to action in the last to make the user complete the purpose of the post. Take help from other accounts if you are out of ideas. You will find some great ideas that are already performing very well.

Use Hashtags and Location 

Hashtags are essential to increase the views on your posts and attract an audience with similar interests. You can select from many tools to check the popularity of a hashtag. So you can pay for their subscription charges with high acceptance payday loans direct lenders

You can use up to 30 hashtags on a single post. Also, use the comment section to add some more tags. People also use the location to find relevant content, always use it on the posts. 

Use Popular Content-Type

There are numerous content types to post on Instagram that includes quotes, DIY, giveaways, and short videos. You need to use only the popular ones to get the most attention from the users. Following is a list of content types to try on your Instagram account –

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • Vertical videos
  • Stories
  • Live sessions
  • Interactive content
  • Contest and giveaways


Check the performance of each content type and use it to increase your engagement. Instagram want people to spend more and more time on their platform. Therefore, the posts with the most engagement time will rank higher than the others. 

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Perform SEO 

Instagram SEO includes the use of primary and secondary keywords in suitable spaces. Your primary keyword should be used on the profile and bio. If possible, use a profile name or username with the primary keyword in it.

The secondary keyword should be used in the bio and caption. Avoid the black hat strategy as they are not successful in the long run. Also, track the performance of each post and keywords to make changes in the future. 


To conclude, the above steps will help you to create a plan of action for your Instagram account. The potential to gain new business from the platform is endless. Many small businesses have outperformed the business giants with the help of the right strategy and quality content.

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