How to create an attractive Youtube videos online and offline?

How to create an attractive youtube video online and offline? Creating a video is a big challenge. Because with the video we can tell our audience a story, send a message we want to convey to the audience, or we can promote our business or product through video. 

If you want to create youtube video online or offline you have to be creative. Why? because telling a story or promoting a product or business is not a big deal but how you tell your story, promote a product, or a business, and should be engaging at the same time.

Needed best program to create youtube videos or other videos(online, business, product promotion)?

You don’t need a Hollywood studio type to create a video if your budget is tight you can shoot a video or make videos with your smartphone, and you have to be creative while editing your videos.

  • Resources working
  • Tripod with liquid head.
  • VoiceOver MIC.
  • Software Configuration.

How do you create a youtube video for your audience?


It is the text of a film or broadcast. It should include points related to your video such as: –

  • What you want to tell your audience
  • B-rolls shot
  • Roll rolls
  • Locations for shooting specific videos


 It is a myth that in making a video you need a pro camera setup. You just need a phone with a powerful camera (phone @ of Rs 10000).


Helps your camera to stabilize your video, because it shakes the video no one wants to watch it. With a tripod, you can take many creative shots like pan & zoom, Dolly shots, etc. if you can afford expensively so go if your budget can buy a tripod for less than 1000-3000 RS.


It is one of the most important things when creating and editing videos for youtube because with the right lighting it is much better and more attractive and the wrong lighting. You can shoot in soft light (Morning or Evening time), try to avoid harsh lights (direct sunlight), if you are shooting indoors and need soft lightboxes are very expensive but you can create your own soft DIY box.


Music helps your video sound professional because with background music we can make you feel better and more attractive. Use free music for your video.


It is also known that post-production is the last step when your story comes in its original form, editing does not just mean joining two clips, cutting, cutting, etc. your script that helps you edit your video faster and better. You will also need to create intro video for youtube.

Editing Software

There are tons of editing software on the market and stunning best programs to create youtube videos but which editing software is best for you. I classified the software by level. One thing is very necessary that you should be aware of how to create a good intro video for youtube. 
The following categories: –

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experts

For Beginner: – It is very difficult for a beginner to choose the right editing software because they do not have the information related to video editing to be able to visit this software.

  • Windows movie maker for (windows)
  • The Movie (MAC)

For Intermediate: – This section is for those with basic video editing experience like trim, cut, split, adding text, etc.

  • Filmora (Windows / MAC)
  • Camtasia (Windows / MAC)
  • shortcuts (Windows)
  • PowerDirector (Windows / MAC)
  • Davinvci Resolution (Windows / Mac)

For Expert: – This type of editing software requires high precision for your pc or mac. This type of software is used for editing movies, TV shows, music videos, YouTube videos.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro. (Windows / Mac)
  • Final Cut Pro X. (Mac)
  • Sony Vegas Pro. (Windows / Mac)
    For Motion Graphic: 
  • Adobe After Effects (Windows / Mac)

These are the software that can be used by professionals for editing videos. However, there are video editing apps are also available which can be used on your phone. Apps like free youtube intro maker, Inshot, free outro maker, Youcut, and many others. The main advantage of using these apps are here you will found many pre-defined videos that are easy to customize, so you can add your own requirement and made your stunning videos within minutes.

How to Download Videos On YouTube, Do’s Not?

Your master content on YouTube. If your content is good people will re-subscribe to YouTube and it is the best way to earn money. You can follow your seller on YouTube if you are serious about it.


  • Create attractive icons, they should be different
  • Use keywords in the titles of your videos
  • Write appropriate descriptions and give credit to your music
  • Always write keywords correctly, do not spam, keywords related to your topic
  • Be patient, do not give up easily
  • Unique content
  • Be consistent


  • No duplicate content
  • There is no one to click
  • No spam keyword
  • Consistency

If you follow these steps you can create great videos and be successful on YouTube as well. I pursue my career in digital marketing.