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How To Analyze Your Performance Using Youtube Analytics

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Analyze Your Performance Using Youtube Analytics

itself provides the most valuable tool for you to analyze the performance of your videos. Yes, we are talking about YouTube  Analytics, a  function for anyone obsessed with data and reports. 

What? Aren’t you obsessed with data and reports?

So, this is where we need to start: numbers are critical to understanding what’s working and what can improve in your YouTube channel strategy. 

How To Analyze Your Performance Using Youtube Analytics Metrics

What is YouTube  Analytics and what is it for? 

YouTube  Analytics is a metrics tool that helps you track the performance of your  YouTube videos and channelThis data helps to better understand who your audience is and how they behave. 

After all, n will be no way to know deeply their viewers without understanding his behavior  in practice!  

YouTube  Analytics helps answer questions such as: how long does a video watch on your channel? How did he get to your video? Enabling you to hone and improve performance and its contents. 

How do I view YouTube Analytics statistics? 

To access the YouTube Analytics dashboard is very simple … Well,  first you need to have a channel on YouTube, s and you don’t, just check out our content on how to make a  channel from scratch!   

Statistics YouTube  Analytics is collected from the videos that are published, so you also need to have already published some videos to get access numbers.  

The bra to the YouTube homepage in your browser. 

Youtube analytics

Then, select the menu with the main options, clicking on the avatar (that main image of the channel) at the top, on the right. A menu will open, when that happens, select “YouTube Studio”. 

Youtube analytics

Finally, find the option  “Statistics”,  which is in the menu on the left side. You may need to scroll down to find the option. 

Youtube analytics

Okay, now you have access to all the reports you need to better understand your channel’s performance and the public’s behavior. 

Youtube analytics

What are YouTube Analytics metrics? 

To be able to make the most of the knowledge that YouTube  Analytics can provide, it is essential to understand how it organizes the metrics.  

Each metric is accompanied by quality indicators (KPIs), which indicate characteristics of the channel and published videos.  

We did a very didactic division, see: 

YouTube channel metrics 

The  YouTube Analytics overview provides information related to your channel. That is, the numbers indicated are related to the performance of your channel as a whole, not considering the videos individually.   

The indicators you can find here are: 

YouTube watch time  

This is one of the most important metrics to keep track of. It shows the interest that people are having in your content, the time that viewers spend consuming your videos. 

Imagine if you have a low watch time, but you are in the habit of publishing long contentThis is an indication that people will lose interest in your videos at any given time.     

From this, it is possible to raise some hypotheses for improvement, such as: reformulating the script of the videos or reducing their time. 

Real-time views 

This metric is important for showing the performance of your overall content they have had most recently.  

The number is calculated considering the number of views that all of your videos have received in the last 48 hours.  

This way you can find out how your channel is performing, if it is managing to grow or there is something that needs to be done to improve it. 

Channel Views  

This metric is important for you to be able to see the number of views your channel has accrued over a given period. 

This data is an indicator that you can use as an evaluation parameter for your individual content.  

When production is well below the channel’s average views, it not only detracts from the average, but it may indicate that the topic being addressed may be of little interest to your audience, for example. 

Average view duration  

It is the  average amount of time it takes people to watch your videos. This is where you find out if users are watching your videos until the last minute or if they’re abandoning the content before the end. 

But how can this data help in practice? By discovering the average view duration, you will have insights into the ideal duration for your next videos. 

This metric is also used by the YouTube algorithm to recommend your content to other users and make it easier to find in a search.   

There are even other good practices to achieve this, known as  SEO for YouTube. 

Number of registrations 

Subscribers – or subscribers – are the people who clicked to subscribe to your channel and follow all your updates.  

If you have to choose an interaction to encourage your viewers:  choose subscriptions. They represent the maximum level of engagement! 

This incentive increases engagement and more people sign up means more visitors 

Top Videos 

This indicator shows the performance of your videos based on views over a given period. 

You can aju stair that day range as your interest to identify your best content.  

Audience metrics  

Audience metrics are important because they show details and information about the audience that consumes your productions. 

Through them, it is possible to develop a  persona for your channel and better understand the pains and needs of your potential customers. 

In audience metrics, let’s say that this data is about the viewers who are watching the content that is published on the channel.  

Unique viewers 

To discover unique viewers, YouTube makes a  total estimate of the number of people who watched your videos. 

This metric does not consider multiple views from the same person. In other words, it manages to show a parameter of viewers who, in fact, watched its content. 

When your viewers are online 

This data is important because it shows when the people who watch your content are, in fact, active on the platform.  

You can, therefore, know the best times and dates to make your publication. Also, it makes it possible to create an active community, offering live content for the moment of the greatest audience on your channel. 

Gender, age, and country  

If you want to get to know your audience better, it is essential to know details about them. YouTube  Analytics allows you to decipher your viewers ’gender, age, and country of origin. 

That way, you can understand how your publications should approach, thinking about the tone and voice that should be adopted in each of the videos and in the channel as a whole. 


Understanding which device your audience is coming from is fundamental to thinking about what the content will be like. 

Through this metric, you will be able to see if your viewers watch the content from your computer or smartphone. From this, it is possible to make hypotheses and insights for approaches and themes of new content. 

YouTube  search metrics  

Several paths can take your audience to your content on YouTube, the search metrics can be improved from a few indicators: 

Impressions and CTR 

The  Click Rate (CTR) and the impression number are indicators that indicate the quality of the use of the thumbnail  – the thumbnails -, the title and the description for its contents.  

These are the three ways to attract your audience’s attention to your video. Therefore, it is essential to use the keyword in evidence, showing the person what the content is about. 

The thumbnail must also be eye-catching and inviting. The better the CTR rate, the better your video’s impression number.   

Traffic Sources  

When crossing the audience information with the searches, it is possible to arrive at the “traffic sources” indicator.  

It points out where your audience is coming from, whether it is arriving through Google searches, on the platform itself, or elsewhere. 

Traffic sources are possible: [su_list icon=”icon: long-arrow-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • suggested videos, those that are indicated  by YouTube after content has been played; 
  • external, traffic that comes from outside YouTube; 
  • search,  people who search for keywords within YouTube; 
  • YouTube  Ads, advertisements, and advertisements made before showing a video; 
  • Playlist, a YouTube resource that includes videos that have the same theme or may be of interest to the viewer. 


Video metrics  

Because they are somewhat similar, many people confuse channel metrics with video metrics. This is because the indicators have similar names. 

But while channel metrics provide an overview, video metrics point to specific data for each of the content published on your channel. 


It is the number of people who watch your videos. For a  view to  being counted, a user must watch your video for a certain time, but YouTube does not inform exactly what time it is. 

The  YouTube  Analytics automatically compares the number of views for the selected period with earlier periods. In this way,  you can analyze the channel’s performance with comparative analysis. 

A tip for those who have few views is to create titles and thumbnails that attract the attention of users. This and other best practices are available on our post on how  the near views on YouTube. 

Video Subscribers 

To find out if your video is of good quality or if it is attractive enough to make your channel grow, YouTube  Analytics presents the “subscribers to the video” metric. 

It represents the number of people who clicked to subscribe to your channel from certain content.  

It is an important indication to show your audience’s favorite approaches to gain new subscribers to your channel. 

Audience retention 

How much do you strive to keep the audience engaged in your videos? Are people closing their browsers shortly after they play their videos? 

The retention report will answer that question for you! This metric shows the ability that each video has to keep people watching.  

By analyzing this data, you will know important details, such as which parts of each video are most popular. 

So, pay more attention to the first 15 seconds of your videos, according to YouTube itself this is the time that viewers are most likely to give up on content. 

Engagement metrics  

Want to know how people are reacting to your video? See the “Involvement” tab. 

Think of this data as the YouTube thermometer to see if your content is relevant and point it out to new users. 

Now, learn more about each of these metrics! 

I liked and disliked 

“I don’t like” videos every channel has! What cannot happen is that these interactions increase more than the average 

If this happens, question some topics in your content, as it has displeased your viewer in some way. 

Clicks on  cards 

When you publish a video to YouTube, you can load it with some cards indicating old videos from your channel. 

That way, you create a kind of narrative, showing the audience that your channel information is connected. 

When a person clicks on that card, they open a new tab with your video – or channel. And that interaction is a positive way of interaction. 


It is also a metric that demonstrates strong engagement, which explains why you should  manage comments on YouTube! 

If they have fallen, adopt techniques to encourage them: make videos with “less closed” content, that is, that invite the viewer to participate, ask questions and ask questions. 


The booklet of digital marketing says that when someone shares something, it is because that person is not only involved but passionate about content. 

And, believe me, for people to share the videos you don’t need to have crazy ideas and ideas, beans and rice is always the best option:  quality content and posting frequency! 

What are YouTube  Insights and what is your connection to YouTube  Analytics?  

Ah, before we finish this content it is important to bring a very recurring question here. The  YouTube Insights is not a YouTube report  Analytics! 

In fact, YouTube Insights is a study by the platform that points out the reasons that make Brazilians consume videos on YouTube. 

This study is updated frequently, offering insights for anyone looking to work with content on YouTube. 

YouTube  Analytics is a complete tool with metrics and indicators that can make your strategy more efficient.  

To be able to count on such accurate and in-depth data, you must do continuous work of updating content and growth. So, take the time to learn tips on how to gain subscribers on YouTube!

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