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How the YouTube algorithm works and get more views!

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How the YouTube algorithm works

Unlike other social networks, YouTube does not keep secrets from its algorithm. This transparency greatly facilitates the lives of those who need to expand their reach within the social network. How the YouTube algorithm works 

According to YouTube’s head of product, 70% of the time a user spends watching videos is dictated by a chain of recommendations from the platform itself.

With a successful marketing strategy, you can take advantage of this huge opportunity, offered by the YouTube algorithm (70%), and show your videos to more users.

Keep reading and see how to do it!

How does the YouTube algorithm work?

YouTube’s algorithm is basically a “real-time feedback loop that adapts videos to the different interests of each viewer”.

Got confused? Calm down, I’ll explain it to you!

Secondly, It is he who decides which videos will be suggested to the user based on his behavior within the platform.

To do this, it has two main objectives. To find the right video for each user and to keep them consuming content on the social network for as long as possible.

What factors are considered by the algorithm?

Therefore, To make recommendations, YouTube’s algorithm is based on performance data from the videos it will suggest and personalization data according to user behavior.

Check out each one of them!

Performance data

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  • Video clicks: impression x view data is considered, in which case the thumbnail and title of your video are very important;
  • Video popularity: the video‘s viewing speed and its growth rate;
  • If the video is new: new videos can also receive extra attention;
  • Video interactions:  likes, dislikes, comments, or sharing that the video gets;
  • The channel’s upload frequency: how often the channel sends new videos;
  • Video watched time: counts the video‘s viewing or retention time;
  • Session time: how much time people spend on the platform after watching the video.


Personalization data

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  • Previously watched channels and topics ;
  • Involvement with previous videos ;
  • How much time the user spends watching a video;
  • How many times has the video appeared to the user;
  • What the user doesn’t watch, videos marked as “I’m not interested”.


Where does YouTube’s algorithm make its suggestions?

If you asked yourself this question, thinking about escaping artificial intelligence on the platform, I’m sorry to tell you. But there are many places where the algorithm works making suggestions for new videos.

See what they are!


On the home page, the ranking takes place in a personalized way to meet the interests of each user.


In the search, the use of keywords, the relevance of the content, and the user’s behavior are considered. Here, the creation of titles and descriptions that respond to the search intentions are fundamental.

Suggested videos

Just like on the home page, in the suggested videos, the robots use the personalization data to suggest videos compatible with the interest of each user.


Here, only new videos made by channels where the user has already subscribed are available.

Similarly, the content popularity criterion is the main factor for the video to be offered in this section (number of subscribers and number of views).


The trends show the videos that are on the social network. To do this, the algorithm analyzes three factors: popularity, number of views and date of publication by country.

Important metrics for the YouTube algorithm

Find out which metrics are considered important by the YouTube robot and which determine whether your video is relevant to be recommended to users!

What is Watchtime?

Watchtime is nothing more than the time that each user spends watching your video. So this metric is relevant to identify a channel with quality content.

Be careful not to confuse Watchtime with views! YouTube views views as the number of people watching your videos and not the time they spend on them.

What is Session Time?

YouTube considers Session Time to be the duration of a session . Reading this sentence it seems to be the same as Watchtime, but it is not!

Session Time is counted from the moment the user opens YouTube to watch a video. Until the moment he leaves the social network. Unlike Watchtime which is counted within the video.

What is Consistency?

Consistency means Consistency. And this is the channel’s posting frequency.

That is, your frequency of video publications will be decisive for YouTube to consider its consistency on the platform. So the algorithm identifies when you upload new videos.


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