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5 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Organic Reach

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5 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Organic Reach

5 tips to improve performance and expand organic reach on YouTube

1 – Optimize your videos for popular searches

The first step is to find out which are the most popular queries that drive traffic on the social network, this data you get through YouTube Studio.

Once you’ve identified popular themes, check their compatibility with the topics in your videos, consider updating them to make them equivalent.

From there, add the relevant keywords in the titles, tags, descriptions, video files, and thumbnails. But, if there is a lot of difference, between popular terms and your videos, consider making new content that meets your search intent.

2 – Create a headline that attracts attention

Your titles have to go viral! Although the content is the most important, it is by the title that people get to it.

Therefore, insert strategic words in the title. In addition to searching for high-volume keywords, it is important to understand the user’s search intent on the subject.

When composing the video title, remember to put the keyword to the left and be sure to include it in the video description as well.

3 – Be strategic in the video description

Do you know that text right below the video? So, this is what we call description and that has a fundamental role in your strategy.

A good description helps people to find your content and, more importantly, decide whether or not they want to hit play.

To convince users in your favor, make a killer introduction:[su_list icon=”icon: long-arrow-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • include the main keyword at the beginning of the text;
  • describe your video spontaneously and naturally;
  • write at least 250 words in the description;
  • do not insert a list of keywords, it takes the naturalness of the text;
  • cite the sources mentioned in the video;
  • include relevant links to other brand channels.


4 – Fancy the Thumbnails of your videos

The thumbnail or thumbnail is just as important to attract new users as the title of the video. They are the “covers” of the videos, which the user sees before playing and give the viewer a preview of the content.

According to YouTube itself, videos with personalized thumbnails get more clicks than other common videos! Therefore, take care of the images, colors, and texts to attract the user’s attention.

5 – Keep the frequency of posts

Notice, the successful channels you follow upload many many a week. Constant posts keep the audience, engagement, and attention of the YouTube algorithm.

The more posts you make, the more likely your content will be viewed. However, posting too often, but without quality is not cool. So schedule your uploads and find the balance to keep good videos.

What did you think of the content? Were you able to understand how the YouTube algorithm works and what to do to overcome adversity?

Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge about the other metrics available in YouTube Analytics, which show how you are performing on the social network!

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