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How to hide people on Facebook

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How to hide people on Facebook

You may have loads of companions on Facebook, however, maybe a couple simply annoys you. Possibly you don’t care for their posts, or maybe your genuine relationship has soured. In any case, you need to ease off the Facebook companionship. You have a few choices, you can shroud somebody’s posts or unfollow that individual, which implies you remain “companions” yet presently don’t see their posts on your News Feed. You likewise can nap somebody’s posts for 30 days-How to hide people on Facebook

More extreme activities incorporate obstructing somebody so individuals can’t see your posts or speak with you, or unfriending somebody totally, which implies the Facebook association is cut off. For this situation, you will presently don’t see each other’s presents or be capable of speaking with each other until you accommodate and add each other back.

In case you’re hoping to make a move against one of your Facebook companions, here is the way to stow away, nap, unfollow, or unfriend somebody. You can contact facebook customer service if you face any issues while working on Facebook.

Hide a Facebook Post 

To start with, before you unfollow or unfriend somebody, you do have the choice of concealing individual posts made by one of your companions. That might be a helpful introductory advance if the companion posts something you don’t care for or just something you would prefer not to see on your course of events. One symptom of doing this is that Facebook will attempt to conceal comparable posts later on, which may not be something you need. 

To hide a post, click the ellipsis () close to the post. Starting from the drop menu, click the connect to Hide post. 

Facebook at that point gives you a couple of alternatives. You can tap the Undo catch to handicap the conceal activity on the off chance that you adjust your perspective and still need to see the post.

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You can tap the Snooze choice to nap this individual for 30 days, in which case you won’t perceive any of their posts for that timeframe. In the event that the post is hostile or improper here and there, you can report it to Facebook by choosing Report post. 

Rest a Facebook Friend 

In the event that you keep on seeing undesirable posts from somebody, you can rest that individual for 30 days first thing. This activity sends that individual’s presents on a sort of Facebook limbo where their posts won’t appear in your Timeline for the following 30 days. To do this, click the ellipsis close to the post and select the choice to Snooze for 30 days. 

Once more, Facebook presents some extra choices. Snap the Undo catch to impair the nap activity on the off chance that you alter your perspective. Snap Report in the event that you wish to report the post for being hostile or improper. 

Unfollow a Facebook Friend 

OK, suppose you need to make it a stride further and ensure you never see any posts from this individual on your News Feed. That is the point at which you may need to unfollow the person. Snap the ellipsis close to any of the individual’s posts, at that point click Unfollow. 

You’ll remain companions with the individual however won’t perceive anything else of their posts. On the off chance that you alter your perspective, click the Undo button. You can likewise report the post if essential. 

Report a Facebook Post 

In the event that a post is disturbing or worried somehow or another, you can make a further move. For this situation, click the ellipsis and select the choice to “Give input on this post.” 

At the following screen, select a classification to portray the concerning post – alternatives incorporate Nudity, Violence, Harassment, Hate Speech, or Something Else. At that point, click Send to send your report to Facebook. 

Oversee Who You Follow 

You can unfollow various individuals in a single shot or re-follow somebody you already unfollowed. To do this, click the ellipsis close to News Feed in the left section and select Edit Preferences. 

A spring up menu shows up with choices for dealing with your News Feed. To unfollow numerous individuals, click the subsequent choice for Unfollow individuals and gatherings to shroud their posts. Select the individuals, pages, or gatherings you presently don’t have any desire to show up on your News Feed and snap Done. 

In case you’re prepared to see posts from individuals you unfollowed, click the alternative to Reconnect with individuals and gatherings you unfollowed. Select the individuals whose presents you need on return in your News Feed. Snap Done. 

stow away or erase Facebook companions 

Then, you can nap the posts of various individuals in a single shot and unsnooze those you recently rested. To do this, click the choice to Manage your nap settings. Select the individuals you need to nap or unsnooze. 

Hindering Someone on Facebook 

OK, how about we take it to the following level. You can hinder somebody on Facebook, which implies that an individual can at this point don’t see your posts, label you, welcome you to occasions or gatherings, start a discussion with you, or add you as a companion. To do this and the sky’s the limit from there, click the descending confronting bolt on the upper right of any Facebook page. Starting from the drop menu, click the Settings order. 

At the Settings screen, click Blocking on the left. At the Manage Blocking screen, type the name of the individual you wish to hinder in the Block clients field. Snap the Block button. A spring up window shows up highlighting individuals with that name. Pick the individual you wish to hinder and tap the Block button.


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