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How To Make Your House Safe For Asthmatic People

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How To Make Your House Safe For Asthmatic People?

Asthma is a respiratory problem and people who are suffering from this disease usually face trouble while breathing. The asthmatic people have a problem with their airways. The airways of asthma sufferers get swollen and fill up with mucus.

What’s a Trigger?

Triggers can be described as those items or elements that make asthma symptoms worse. The most common triggers for asthmatic people are pollen, dust mites, mold, pollutants, etc.
Triggers can instantly aggravate the symptoms of asthma such as excessive cough, wheeze, trouble in breathing, etc. If you are asthmatic, you should try to find out your triggers. It is very important to control the level of triggers in your house.
You should try to make your home safe for asthmatic people. Asthma sufferers should contact doctors to determine their triggers.
Also, doctors will describe the right technique to control the triggers at home. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different triggers and how to control them at your home. Have a look at the following points:

Airborne Triggers

Keeping the air at home clean is important. The indoor air of your house may comprise of irritants like perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaners, smell produce by paint or other pollutants. Pollen and air pollution can come into your house from outdoor space.

The outdoor air pollution will enter inside your home if you always keep the door and windows of your house open. You should not let anyone smoke inside your house. Also, you should avoid wood fires in wooden stoves and fireplaces.

Also, you should consider the installation of the latest technology air conditioning Sydney at your home. The new technology air conditioner will help in the filtration of air inside your house and let your breath clean air.

You should always keep your window shut when there is a lot of pollen outside. Pollens are triggers for more asthmatic sufferers. Therefore, the asthma sufferer should stay away from pollens.

Dust Mites

Another trigger for asthma sufferers is dust mites. The dust mites are small size insects that live in dust. Dust mites are usually spotted in bedding, rugs, or where there is a lot of food. Usually, the bedrooms have lots of dust mites.

It is near to impossible to get rid of all dust mites, but you can try to reduce them as much as possible. If dust mites are a trigger for your asthma, you should implement the following tips:
Regular vacuum cleaning and dusting helps in reducing the number of dust mites.

Avoid using feather pillows or comforters because they can easily accumulate dust.
You should wash all of your bedding in hot water and dry it in a very high setting to kill the dust mites.

You should also get a special cover for your mattresses, box springs, and pillows.

Also, you should get rid of carpeting, especially shag carpeting because it can also be a major source of dust mites. You should never let the accumulation of clutter in your house.

Mold And Mildew

Molds are small size living things that need a damp and hot environment for their growth. Therefore, molds and mildews are usually spotted in basements and bathrooms. Molds spread mold spores and generate more molds.

The mold spores generated by molds are asthma triggers. You can stop the generation of mold by installing a dehumidifier or the latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home.

Animal Allergens

Animals also act as asthma triggers. Therefore, pets should not be allowed in the house where an asthma sufferer lives. Pet dander, urine, saliva, and feathers act as the triggers for most asthmatic people. It is recommended to consider the following tips to reduce asthma attacks due to animal allergens:

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  • Pets should not be allowed inside the house. If it is not possible, then you should at least keep them out of your bedroom.
  • You should take the help of someone else for washing and brushing your pet every week.
  • You are allowed to play with your pets. But, you should avoid hugging and kissing your pets.
  • Also, tell other people in your house to wash their hands after touching your pet.
  • If you have a pet that lives in a cage, then take the help of others to keep that cage clean.
  • If you love pets, then you should consider getting cold-blooded pets like fish. Fish is perfect for those who are asthmatic and pet lovers.
  • If you have tried all the above-mentioned tips, but you still get asthma attacks, you should avoid bringing pets inside your home.


Final Words

Now, you may have got to know about various asthma triggers and how to keep your home safe for asthmatic people. You should try all the above-mentioned tips to prevent yourself from asthma attacks.

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