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All About Sandakphu Trek

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All About Sandakphu Trek

Sandakhpu trek located over West Bengal is all about the world’s highest snowline serving the peaks of Nepal to Bhutan and farthest east to Tibet. Here I will cover all About Sandakphu Trek.

It crosses through a zigzag ridge around Singalila and then moves towards the Indo Nepal border that makes it all enchanting as well as worth it.

It is a 6 days duration trek as it is set at an altitude of 12,000 feet where you see the charm of the wilderness and wildlife of the Himalayan trek. And when you pass the Singalila national park you see the intriguing wildlife of birds, animals, and flora.

The route is safe while trekking to Sandakphu as it is realistic and you will easily find the ways.

Highlights of Sandakphu trek

There are many things which you will encounter in the Sandakphu trek be it the greenery of Singalila, the theatre of the clouds, or the hospitality of Nepal and Sikkim people but when you see the panoramic view at the highest peak you will get mesmerized to see its beauty. So Everything You Need To Know about Sandakphu Trek.

You will see the world’s highest peak submerged with Mkhalu and Lhotse. So be ready to see this charming view at the highest peak of the world.

Next, you see the ultimate vision of Kanchenjunga as when the sunlight streams upon the ice it becomes equally breathtaking. The sleeping Buddha structure will also make you glorious and when you tend to approach the summit it gets bigger and sharper.

Rhododendron and Magnolia spring come and spread in an abundance of colors over these mountains. The white cottony Magnolia and pink-red rhododendron are what you explore over the Sandakhpu trek.

And now you see the uniqueness of the red panda at Singalila national park so don’t forget to capture this creature in your cameras.

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You see the black lake Kalipokhri when you reach the Kalipokhri settlement. And over this black lake, you see the Kanchenjunga mountains surrounded all over you.

So it is the mixed terrain trek with its own uniqueness which you cannot find anywhere.



Day 01- NJP/Bagdogra to Kopidana (84 kms)

Day 02- Kopidana to Tumling (11 kms)

Day 03- Tumling to Kalapokhri (14 kms)

Day 04- Kalipokhri to Sandakhpu (6 kms)

Day 05- Sandakphu to Sepi (15 kms)

Day 06- Sepi to NJP/ Bagdogra (140 km)

Best time to visit:

You can wish to go in two seasons. You can go in April or May where the temperature lies between 8 to 15 degrees or after the monsoon when the temperature lies between -5 to 5 degrees that are during October to early December. During the months of October to December, you will find beautiful snow peaks around everywhere at Sandakphu. And you will see the clear blue sky with its own real shininess.

Who should go:

Now it is not a difficult trek but one requires proper training to climb over the highest peaks. Anyone who is above the age of 12 is allowed to go for the Sandakhpu trek.

The trekker must be fit and adaptable to situations. The trekker must have the stamina to cross 5 km in 45 minutes then only you would be able to cover the distance.

The trekker is allowed to carry a 10 kg backpack so one should have the stamina to carry it while climbing. Lastly, the trekker must not suffer from any disease or heart problem. As one is not allowed to climb if he/she has the disease.

How to reach:

You can reach NJP/Bagdogra either by train or by air for the Sandhakpu trek. New Jalpaiguri and NJP are the railway stations located southwest of Sikkim.

If you are coming from Delhi or from the north then you have to take a northeast train which directly goes to NJP station by crossing Kolkata.

If you wish to travel by air then flying to Bagdogra would be best.

What you have to carry:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • -Backpack with comfortable shoulder straps and rain cover
  • -Day pack
  • -Walking stick is a must
  • -Head torch
  • -Water bottle of 2 liters and hydration pack
  • -Energy bars and dry fruits
  • -personal medical kit
  • -Sunscreen and wipes to refresh you
  • -Trekking shoes
  • -cotton and woolen clothes
  • -Trek pants
  • -Waterproof gloves


So get ready to explore the real beauty of the Sandakhpu trek and to create everlasting moments.


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