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A Travel Guide to Explore India in A Better Way

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A Travel Guide to Explore India in A Better Way

India, the land of colors, is widely popular among the travelers, both domestic and international. It is one of the top 10 nations that is preferred by foreign tourists in Asia-India Travel Guide

But most of the time, foreign tourists can’t explore India properly because of a lack of knowledge.

But you don’t have to worry as we are here to give you the best travel guide to exploring India and its beautiful colors.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before exploring India. Take a look

Understand the Geography

If you are a foreigner and have never visited India before, then you may have a blurry idea about the climatic and geographical conditions. India is one of the few places on the planet where you find more than two relief features.

India has every possible relief feature on the earth, be it rocky or snowy mountains, deserts, beaches, islands, plateaus, dense forests, or fertile plains.

It depends on which area you are planning to visit. You must plan according to that area; otherwise, you might end up carrying summer clothes for your trip to Manali or Shimla, where you experience snow in winters. This may ruin your whole trip.

Also, if you are planning trekking in the North’s mountains, you must first check the weather in advance because if snow starts falling densely, you might be stuck on your way.

Of course, many snow treks are guided by professionals, but if you plan to go on your own, you must know the climate first. Speaking of excursions, you must check the Ozark Trail 2 Person Tent Review to check your tent’s features.

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The Food is Soft Power

Indian food is unofficially the soft power of Indian foreign policy. But there is a stereotype about Indian food that it is too spicy and not fit for health. Indeed spices are a significant ingredient in almost all the traditional food all across India, but it doesn’t mean that you will have a sour stomach. You will also not have the real food experience if you only eat at the five stars like Marriots or Radisson. The authentic Indian taste is on the streets. Yes, the street food or the food at local roadside eateries have the real Indian food taste. 

 While some of you think that street food may be unhygienic, but I suggest you find someplace that is moderately crowded because they don’t use stale raw material for cooking food. If you are going somewhere, you have to try the local cuisine; otherwise, you won’t know that place to the fullest. So, don’t hesitate to try the food. I am sure you are going to love it.

Explore the Unexplored

You come to India, check in to the hotel, visit the Taj Mahal and Red Fort, and go back to your country. This is one of the worst plans that you can make for your Indian trip.

Indeed these places are must-visit places, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other options.

For example, if you are traveling to the Queen of Hills, i.e., Mussoorie, you should also go to Kanatal, or if you are planning to visit the beaches of Goa, you can instead choose to go to Gokarna or the beaches of Kerala.

The point is that you may find famous places a bit crowded and you may not get to enjoy them to the fullest. So, it is best to explore the unexplored. 

 The best way to know about the less famous places is to interact with the locals. The residents or the local shopkeepers, or restaurant owners, or local taxi drivers.

Most travel agencies follow the same routine of taking tourists to the same fixed spots that are too populated and sometimes polluted. So, interact with locals.

 Museums are Must-Visit

India is one of the most complex countries in geography, languages, food, and culture. So, if you are keen on knowing about India’s current socio-cultural environment, you must visit museums and historical places. India is one of the four oldest known civilizations of the world. It has a rich history and cultural heritage. So, you must have one such experience.

 You must also visit the historical monuments and forts where you can learn more about some interesting historical facts. India has 37 UNESCO world heritage site, and that is 6th in the world. You can imagine how interesting these visits can be.


India is a relatively massive nation with the 7th largest area in the world. With so many states and languages, and with so many beliefs coexisting, it is one of it’s kind. Popular among the tourists because of its rich culture and history, India is a nation that you must visit.

We tried to provide some information to make your trip planning a better way. We hope that you liked it and will notice them. Have a happy journey to Incredible India.


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