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RXCamView: How To Install Latest version in Computer

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What Is RXCamView And How To Install It On A Computer?

RXCamView is a software that you can live streaming, video record, snapshot and much more and giving tutorial that RXCamView how to install in the window.

If you are wondering what is RXCamView, we will discuss it here. This is an app that can be download from the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. This can be download for free without any hidden cost. The RXCamView app is a useful application if you have an IP camera or CCTV devices.


With this software, you can always monitor your IP camera whenever you are as long as you have a stable internet connection. While connected to this software, it will allow you to view the live feeds of your camera. You can also view the previously recorded video from the cloud.


Viewing the previous and present video feeds is not the only good feature of this software. You can also control the camera to rotate it, pan, tilt, and even zoom in or out.


Another great feature of this app is there’s a built-in motion detector system. Whenever it detects motion, you will get a notification instantly which is good for detecting a burglar.


Due to its many useful features, lots of people are wondering if there’s an RXCamView PC version. Based on the official app, there is currently no version for Windows and Mac. However, you can still run it if you use an emulator program.


This is the only way as of now. If you want to continue using this method, follow the guide below, and make sure that you have a computer capable of running it.

Preparing Your Computer For Running Emulator Program And RXCamView App

An emulator program is a tool for creating a virtual android operating system from your computer. Thus, using this method, you will be able to use android apps within your PC.

System Requirements

Many emulator programs were made for modern computers. And if you aren’t lucky to have one, you can refer to the system requirements below to ensure that you have a computer capable of running it.

  • Check your processor if this can run at least 1 GHz speed. These are the minimum requirements of a processor.
  • You also need to check your computer memory if it is capable to store at least 2GB. If you have a very old PC and fail to have 2GB RAM, you can try to increase your virtual memory for a quick fix.
  • Free some of your hard disks if it is nearly full to ensure that you can save the installer and install the emulator program later.
  • For software requirements, it needs to have a .Net framework installed or updated to the latest version. You also need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable. Both of these can be found and download from the website of Microsoft. Also, keep in mind that this is only applicable for computers running Windows.
  • Enable the virtualization technology in order to increase the performance and avoid stuttering or lagging issues when running the RXCamView app.
  • The emulator program also requires that you installed the OpenGL as well as DirectX to run it properly.

Now that your computer is ready, you can now install the best emulator program for running the RXCamView app.


Which Emulator To Choose For Installing This App?

We recommend that you use the BlueStacks for running the RXCamView app. BlueStacks is the best emulator as of now. It is very fast and does not slow down your computer as long as your PC complies with its minimum requirements.


To download this great emulator, you can type in google.com the BlueStacks and then enter to its website. Click the download and save it to your computer.


Double click the installer after you finished downloading it to run the installation. Just follow the stated requirements of this emulator to install it.


When the installation has finished, run the BlueStacks from your desktop. Now, you need to enter your existing Play Store account. But if you don’t have an account for it, go to Gmail and create an account then use it here.


After that, you will be able to see the Google Play apps, search for the RXCamView by typing this keyword on to the search bar.


Once you found it, click the download icon and this will also install it to your computer later on. After the installation, the BlueStacks will generate the app shortcut. You will be able to see it from your desktop or from the BlueStacks home itself.


Double click the icon of RXCamView and start connecting your camera to it. Now, you will be able to enjoy and use this app from your computer.



With the emulator program, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility. You also don’t need to wait for the developers to make a version exclusive for Windows and Mac. Now, you can enjoy viewing your IP camera from your computer with a bigger and better screen monitor.

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