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Top Snapchat Tricks to Elevate your Experience

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Top Snapchat Tricks to Elevate your Experience


Snapchat – ever since this popular multimedia messaging app is launched, it has won the heart of millennials and centennials. And it’s one of a kind – like my Spectrum Internet (thanks to its blazing speed and no data caps policy). No wonder everyone loves Snapchat. Its design is not the only reason to love it. This app is packed with cool features to turn your snap into Snapsterpieces-Top Snapchat Tricks to Elevate your Experience

You think you know everything about Snapchat, but there’s always a learning curve. Have you tried these Snapchat tricks?

1: Apply Multiple Filters on a Single Snap

Did you know you can apply up to 3 filters to a single snap? How about adding a sepia filter, your location, and current temperature all to one snap? To apply multiple filters, follow these steps:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#bd2020″]

  • Take a picture and swipe the screen to choose your first filter 
  • Hold the thumb anywhere on the screen to lock the filter 
  • Now swipe again for more filters 
  • Lock that filter as well 
  • Now swipe for the third time for another filter 


Not happy with the combo? Just swipe right to delete all filters and start over. 


2: Add Music to Your Video Snaps

Have you ever wished to add audio to your video snaps? It’s possible. Simply open the music player app and pick the tune you want in the snap. Go back to Snapchat and start recording the video. Congrats, you have now created your very own music video on Snapchat.


3: Switch Between Cameras During Snaps

This feature only works for iOS users. All you have to do is double-tap the screen for switching between the front and the main camera while recording a video. This trick works wonders for capturing the reaction of your friends or whatever is in front of you.

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 4: A GIF Instead of a Profile Picture 

If you would like your profile picture to be a GIF, Snapchat is your answer. Follow these steps:

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  • On Snapchat, swipe the top of your screen, to find the snap code. 
  • Tap the image of the Snapchat ghost and check the viewfinder.
  • Click on the shutter. 
  • Take 5 selfies of yourself 


They will turn into a GIF in the Snap code. 


5: Transform Boring Captions

Turn boring captions into something more readable and visually stunning by repeating these steps:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#bd2020″]

  • Tap the pen icon 
  • Add a caption
  • You will receive a basic font with a background across the image 
  • Tap the pen icon a few more times
  • The text will get larger and centered
  • Choose any color from the palette on the top
  • Add emojis. You can rotate and resize as well 



6: Change Your Location with Geofilters

Some of us like to keep our location private. If that’s you, change your geofilters. With this option, it’s possible to make others believe that you live on the other side of the world. All you have to do is trick Snapchat into believing that you are in a different location. You will have to download the Fake GPS Location app from Google PlayStore for that. 


7: Find Your Friends with Snap Map

With Snap Map, you can see where your friends are on the map. With this feature, you can also share your location or stay in ghost mode if you’d like to keep things private. Your location will update only when you open the map. To find your friends on the map, zoom in or out, and you should be able to see their Actionmoji. Who knows your friend is nearby and you can say hello in person. 


8: Create Filters and Lenses

With the AR lenses of Snapchat, you can also create your own lenses and filters and explore the ones made by others as well. Simply open the lens carousel, scroll to the right, and click on the plus sign. This will guide you on how to create your own lenses and filters. 


9: Add Website Links to Snaps

When sending a story to a friend, have you wished about sharing a link? It could be a link to a YouTube video, a nice handbag you saw online, or a blog about Spectrum packages. If so, the link button will come in handy. All you have to do is click on the paperclip icon on the toolbar to copy and paste a link to the snap. The one who receives the snap can open the link by simply swiping up.


What are you waiting for? Try these cool top Snapchat tricks to elevate your experience and fall in love with the app even more! 

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