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How to make money with TikTok?

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make money with TikTok

A year ago, who would venture to say that among the most talked about subjects of 2020 would be: a global pandemic, a cloud of locusts, and the explosion of a “new” social network?

If you made it to this post, you already know which social network we are talking about and probably downloaded or intend to download the app to surf the new wave of the moment, am I right?

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend you do it because TikTok has arrived in full force: there are more than 2 billion downloads worldwide, 800 million active monthly users, and lots of opportunity for brands and content producers.

And when we talk about opportunity, we are referring to going beyond exploring creativity, gaining visibility or interacting with the public, you can earn money with TikTok!

That’s right what you read, continue with us and check out the tips that we separated for you to make some extra money with the right strategies on the social network!

8 ways to make money with TikTok in 2021

1. Use the invitation code and earn rewards

One of the ways that TikTok found to become popular and encourage more people to download and, mainly, do not leave the app, is to give a reward to those who perform a simple action, invite new users.

It works like this: if your friend registers on the app through a link published by you, everyone wins, you earn R $ 2.00 and your friend R $ 1.10. Easy, isn’t it?

And, if this friend continues to use the social network, your earnings may increase even more. If he uses it for 3 days in a row for three minutes, you can earn an extra R $ 1.00, and the amount can increase to up to R $ 7.00 if your friend continues to use the app for up to 10 consecutive days.

To use the invitation code in TikTok follow the step by step:

  1. access your account;
  2. touch “Me” and go to the promotion banner represented by a golden coin;
  3. touch the banner, then the campaign page will open;
  4. then touch the “Invite” button and the invitation code will be generated;
  5. copy the code and send it to your friends – who have never used TikTok – via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or by direct message.

2. Complete the app’s missions and collect rubies

Fulfilling the missions of the app is another way to earn money with TikTok.

When accessing the rewards page you will find a list of tasks that can earn “Rubies” on TikTok coins. For you to have an idea of ​​value 10,000 Rubies equals R $ 1.00.

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These missions, which the platform suggests, range from simple activities such as watching videos from the social network for a few minutes (3, 10, and 20), making a video in the app per day, among other more complex tasks.

Bearing in mind that the greater the number of missions completed, the greater the ruby ​​reward for your account.

3. Choose a specific niche to act

Making strategic marketing planning is essential, even at TikTok, where everything seems lighter and more relaxed.

Just as you think about your content for other social networks, you should also evaluate well what you want to address on TikTok.

If you work with photography, for example, you can invest in that specific niche and create fun videos simulating poses and giving tips on compositions, editions, etc.

But if you don’t have a defined area yet, you can start by addressing a topic you like or have some experience with.

The important thing is to choose a topic so that your followers know the line you are going to follow, identify themselves with your profile and create expectations about the content they will receive.

4. Grow your account and then sell it

This practice has been common since the days of Orkut when some users created gigantic communities to later sell and profit from it.

Although it is a little-known practice, there are people at TikTok who are dedicated especially to the growth of profiles and then sell them.

Some use that old interaction strategy, like following several people and asking them to follow you back #followforfollow. Others dedicate themselves to posting panned videos on the Internet, without an original creation, which facilitates the process, since it reduces the work with scriptwriting, recording, editing, etc.

In fact, having a profile with many followers can earn some money, after all, there are always companies and people interested in reaching a large audience without having to start from scratch.

5. Broadcast live and get gifts

The live broadcasts in TikTok are a great way to keep in even closer contact with your audience.

They have some more advantages to improve interaction with the public and gain more visibility:[su_list icon=”icon: long-arrow-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • your followers receive a push notification that the live has started;
  • the broadcast video appears first in the “Following” section of the app;
  • your followers can send “gifts” to you during the broadcast.

[/su_list]Of the advantages mentioned above, I bet that the one that most caught your attention was the gifts, did I get it right again? So, I will clarify better how it works!

These “gifts” are virtual coins that followers give you as if they were tips for your presentation. At the end of the live, it is possible to redeem 50% of the coins and convert the amount into dollars, the other 50% will be divided between TikTok and your app store (Google Play Store or App Store).

6. Invest in affiliate marketing to make money with TikTok

You can also use the strength of TikTok to make money by promoting the products of companies with which you are an affiliate.

So you can advertise interesting things from courses, e-books to products from stores like Amazon, Americanas and others that work with affiliate marketing in their strategies.

You can insert links in your profile bio and direct follower traffic to certain product pages or even send offers by private messages to interested parties.

In addition, of course, to create relevant content to generate authority and credibility, so you get more fans who, in the future, can become customers and buy what you offer.

7. Partner and online events with tiktokers and brands

You can partner to make money with your TikTok in two ways.

First, you can make partnerships and events online with other tiktokers, taking advantage of the audience and exposure promoted by the partner so that you gain new followers and vice versa.

This exchange is beneficial and tends to be even more efficient in this pandemic moment, when there was an increase in the consumption of lives, in the time of using apps, and in the online presence as a whole.

Another type of partnership that can be made to earn money is with brands and companies. You can advertise a product or service to your audience in exchange for some payment. It may even be that good old “received”. Who doesn’t?

The important thing is that you create partnerships with brands that really make sense to your audience. If your channel on TikTok has videos about digital marketing, it is useless to advertise for a makeup company, isn’t it?

Now we bring you an important tip from the platform itself: do not advertise, do TikTok! That is, create interesting, unusual and engaging content. That old traditional advertising from other social networks doesn’t work very well here, the TikTok audience likes authentic and creative content, remember that.

8. Invest in influence marketing and have more opportunities

The influence of marketing has become important in the growth strategies of many companies. And, it is not for less: according to data from QualiBest research, digital influencers are already the second biggest influence in making purchase decisions , second only to referrals from friends, who reached 57%.

If you build a loyal audience that doesn’t even need to be that big, but that you trust what you say, you can use this power of influence to make money on TikTok.

But to build a successful profile and become a digital influencer in this social network, you need to go further, there are specific tools for brands, such as TikTok For Business that allows you to create ads and expand the reach of videos on the platform.

With these super tips, you will have an easier time making money with TikTok! So, did you like the article? Enjoy and follow our profile on TikTok and follow our videos and challenges there.

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