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How to Go Live on TikTok? Follow Simple Steps To Go Live

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How to Go Live on TikTok?


Live streams on TikTok have become a fever! Every day, more than 150 million users follow the lives of several producers.

Don’t think it stops there! According to the survey “Prospects for the Digital Market 2020,” the lives in TikTok are seen as one of the trends for the digital market

But, even with so much expectation, the live broadcast in the app is still little explored by users and brands. Whether for lack of skill, knowledge, or targeted marketing strategy. 

If you’re one of those users who haven’t used the feature yet, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll show you how to live go on TikTok and why it should be in your plans. Bora?

Is it worth doing live streams on the social network?

The live at TikTok is a great way to work with branding on the social network and several benefits can come from this practice, even the growth of sales.

Now, directly, one of the pros of making lives on the social network is the significant increase in the engagement rate and the number of followers.

So, knowing how to go live on TikTok is really worth it! Especially, when the content is interesting and adds value to the audience.

How to live in TikTok step by step

Now that you know the benefits of life, check out the step-by-step how to put it into practice!

Step 1: Open the TikTok app on your Android or IOS phone.

Step 2: At the bottom of the home screen, click on the “Plus” button, the surrounded by a rectangle.

Step 3: Below the record button will be the options “ Live ” and “ Videos ”, click on the live option.

Step 4: Edit the name of the life on TikTok and avoid words prohibited by the app / social network, otherwise, the user’s account or brand may be banned.

Step 5: After editing the live title in the application, just press “live/live” and you’re done. Your live stream will be on the air and followers will be able to watch and interact with you!

Have you tried and can’t live on TikTok?

We know that there are a lot of good points in making live streams in the app, but not everything is flowers!

Not all accounts are able to make a live on TikTok. There are two conditions in which it is not possible to use the live streaming feature on the social network. Are they:

  • have less than 1000 followers: until now, the platform keeps the lives function blocked for those who do not have this number. Users and brands in this condition must first focus on creating content to get more followers;
  • be with the outdated version: in this case, a simple update will usually solve the problem, of course for accounts with more than 1,000 followers.

Tips for a successful live

Ok, you already know how to live on TikTok. But if you thought that this was enough to boost the brand on the social network, you thought it was wrong!

There are some practices and precautions that must be taken that the lives at TikTok are a success and, with that, get more followers, interaction, and engagement with the public.

Here are some quick tips that we’ve set aside for you to use today!

Before you start, plan and test

The first tip is to plan the content that will be performed on the live and then start the tests.

They use these tests to measure the interaction, engagement, and feedback of the followers.

Based on the test results, you will discover the best way to make lives in the app.

Act naturally while recording

TikTok has the proposal to be fun, light, and, mainly, spontaneous.

Therefore, it is interesting to always act naturally during the recordings.  Thus, the brand generates more proximity to the public, which encourages more interaction and engagement.

The tip here is PLAY! The fun games will reflect positively with the followers.

Spread the live on other brand channels

Promoting the live on other channels is important to expand the reach and inform the news to a wider audience.

Let your followers know that you are already present in the most bombastic app of the moment!

You can promote that how to make a live video on tiktok in several ways: in the Feed, in the Stories, in Status or even at the end of your YouTube videos . The important thing is to let the largest number of people know about your live.

Interact with participants during the live

Finally, let’s agree that no one likes to be ignored, do we?

As with any other live broadcast on the Internet, it is important to interact with the participants of the live on the social network.

Answer questions, make proposals, in short, interact with your followers and create ways for them to create a bond, or a positive memory of the brand.

Have you tried how to start live streaming on TikTok? Leave your experience in the comments, we would love to know how it went.!

And, continuing to follow our blog, we have a lot of incredible content about marketing on social networks for you to incorporate into your strategies!

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