Total Coronavirus Cases Round about 1,783,941

The outbreak of coronavirus has spread throughout the world. So far it has been diagnosed in 1,783,941 people worldwide. The worldwide death toll due to coronavirus has surpassed 109,312.


The United States is currently on number one in the world in terms of most coronavirus deaths and cases. The death toll due to coronavirus has risen to 20,608 in the USA. In the 50 states of the USA, the number of coronavirus cases is 530,006. The USA has tested a total of 2,688,766 people for coronavirus.


Italy was first in the world in terms of casualties before the United States, but now it is at number two, with the death toll being 19,468, and the number of affected people has increased from one lakh 52 thousand 271.


Spain is on 3rd position in terms of most deaths due to coronavirus in the world. The death toll of Spain has risen to 16,606 and the total coronavirus cases in Spain have risen to 163,027.

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France is on 4th number in the world in terms of most deaths of coronavirus. The death toll in France has risen to 13,851 and the total cases of coronavirus infected patients have risen to 130, 730.


COVID-19 is also spreading rapidly in Germany. The total cases of coronavirus in Germany have risen to 125,452. The good thing is that the death toll is very low that is 2871.


China which was the origin of coronavirus is on the 6th position in terms of most cases and deaths in the world. Surprisingly China overcomes the coronavirus outbreak in such a short time. The death toll of coronavirus has risen to 3,343 in China. Coronavirus cases in China have risen to 83,096. Due to strict lockdown and best health facilities, China controls the spread of coronavirus and now it is helping other countries in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

United Kingdom:

The coronavirus situation is not so good in the UK. The number of coronavirus cases has risen to 79,885 in the United Kingdom. The death toll of coronavirus in the UK has surpasses 9892.


Iran reports 70,029 coronavirus cases so far. The virus is spreading rapidly in Iran. The number of cases increasing day by day. The death toll due to coronavirus in Iran has risen to 4357.


Turkey is on the 9th position in the list of worst affected counties of coronavirus. The total cases of coronavirus have risen to 52,167 in Turkey. The death toll due to coronavirus has risen to 1101.


Belgium is on number 10 with 29,647 coronavirus cases. COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly in Belgium. The death toll of Belgium has risen to 3600.

Coronavirus protection:

Doctors and the scientist around the world are working very hard on the coronavirus vaccine. But, it looks like it’s not very easy to find coronavirus vaccine in a short time. This outbreak can be cure with the basic protective measure against coronavirus.  According to WHO, most cases of coronavirus cured without using any medicine.


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