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Decoding Instagram algorithm to increase free followers on Instagram

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increase free followers on Instagram

Spending countless hours on Instagram today is the greatest of our criminal pleasures. Why not use Instagram for a productive product! increase free followers on Instagram

Instagram marketing is evolving over time! Until recently, one thing that guaranteed your account was viral was the number of likes for your post.

That’s no longer enough. Let’s take a look at what Instagram algorithm is and what strategies you can take to increase your free Instagram followers

Remember, this tactic will only work if you have an Instagram Business Profile. Follow these simple steps to transfer your current account to a business account

Going to the Instagram business profile will give you several benefits:

You can use an Instagram analytics tool called Insights.

So you will be able to advertise on Instagram through advanced posts.

You can add links to Instagram stories. However, your business profile must have 10,000 followers before Instagram can give you access to this feature.

Now delve deeper into how you can increase your free Instagram followers! 

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1. How to find a place on the Explore Page

Most people are fed up with the new Instagram algorithm because the content is not as interesting as it used to be. That said, you might be wondering how to trick this mysterious algorithm? Let’s answer this tough question.

Getting to Explore Page is one of the best ways to learn about an Instagram algorithm. First, let’s know about Explore Page.

The Instagram explore page is a combination of photos, IGTV videos, shopping posts, Reels, and community posts tailored to a specific user. When you touch your Explore page and compare it to your friend’s study page, you will notice that it is different. 

The Explore mail algorithm tracks your interactions with different posts. It displays posts that you have liked by people you like, highly engaging messages, and similar account posts that you are already tracking. From the image below you can see how dramatically increasing the number of views goes to Explore Page. 

Simply put, landing on Explore Feed means your Instagram presence. This does not apply to just one or two messages. Try to find most of the posts on Explore Page. 

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2. How to view our content on Explore Page?

Post more on IGTV, buy posts if you want the Instagram Algorithm to show up in Explore Page!

Explore Page has a dedicated tab or shortcut for IGTV and Shopping posts. There is a greater chance that your content will fall into these tabs. What are you waiting for? Set up IGTV and get started. 

With IGTV you can create videos longer than 60 seconds. This is a mobile-focused feature embedded in Instagram to give you a YouTube-like experience. Unlike standard videos on Instagram, you can pause, update, forward, and rewind IGTV videos. 

After clicking on the IGTV tab you can select your favorite genre and bingo clock! Be strategic and choose the right hashtags for IGTV. Read the article How to Find the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram.

Instagram has expanded the store tab in Explore Page to find a variety of shopping items in your personalized channel. It contains all trademarks from different brand accounts.

The store tab has two icons in the upper right corner. One is the ribbon icon that marks the wish list of your saved favorite posts. Another is the store icon, which shows the posts from the brand accounts you are following. 

Therefore, we can say that the published posts of Instagram stores help to get potential users in the priority list of Instagram recommendations algorithm.

Well, that’s not all! To get to the Explore tab, you need to do a good micro-test! Go to the next section to know about the micro-test.

3. How to Succeed at Instagram Micro-Test

Instagram has the concept of doing a micro-test! Whatever content you upload, it shows a few people in the first few hours. After that, Instagram calculates audience engagement for this post.

If your engagement rate is high, then your post has successfully stood the test. Then Instagram increases your content to a wider audience. Let’s understand the micro test with a simple formula.

Success in micro-test = number/time of impressions

The key is to publish your content at the right time to get maximum engagement in a short period of time.

Deadlines play an important role in getting an appointment. If your post is received within 1 or 2 hours of posting, your content may become viral.

4. How to choose the optimal time of publication?

Deadlines play an important role in securing a place in Explore Page. If your time is perfect, your post can become viral. High engagement on the post is only possible when your followers are most active on Instagram, then they will get more communication through likes and comments. 

For your Instagram business profile, you can use the Insights tab to check your followers are most active.

The best time to publish is different from business. Pay attention to Instagram Analytics and determine exactly when your audience is most active.

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Does it happen that sometimes you do not like the likes, despite the perfect posting of the content?

Some things, such as a lack of interactive content, can cause your post to fail well in the microcontroller. 

Read the next section and get tips on how to fix winning content on Instagram.

5. How to cure content for maximum engagement?

Content works to replace the game when it comes to Instagram success. Content should be created from scratch, more customized, and in line with your followers. Create Instagram content that is specific to your niche. The purpose of Instagram content is threefold.

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